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  1. Dake has a great advantage over the rest, he is a very talented fighter, a magician who can pull a pigeon out of his sleeve at any moment in the match. Chamizo is not a top at all but he has few weak points. Sidakov, before covid19 seemed invulnerable, but the inactivity and the matches against Tsabolov and Zhamalov have reflected his weak points. He still has time for the set-up before Tokyo. In an Olympiad it is not only the state of form that matters, the state of mind also matters. The responsibility is greater since an Olympiad is held every four years while the World Championship is annual. In an Olympiad, the best does not always win. Who best manages his anxiety has good options to take the gold. My favorite is Dake.
  2. I think the referee plays a decisive role in the Taha and Geno fight. The minute the fight begins, the referee warns Geno (when in many other fights the action is the same or less and the referee lets the fight continue). Half a minute later Geno makes a quite credible leg attack, without Taha having done anything, and begins to count 30 ". That greatly affects the fight, Geno has to risk to come back and Taha is comfortable defending. I have reviewed finals and bronzes and I have not seen that referee in any of the medal fights. Perhaps there was a claim from Geno's team or simply the mat boss understood that he is not qualified to direct an important fight in that way. My former coach was an Olympic referee in Seoul and he always told me that the first slogan for a referee was that the fight could not go without scoring points. I think that Taha and Geno are at a similar level and another referee can make things end differently.
  3. I also do not understand the exemption for Shamil Sharipov in the 125 kg category. His victory in the Russian Nationals against Alan Khugaev was quite controversial, with the entire Dagestani team protesting and keeping bad manners. I remember Arsen Fadzaev replying to the enormous pressure exerted by the Dagestani fans when a decision is not to his liking. I think this also influenced his victory in the World Cup. I'm not really sure who will be the representative at 86 kg. Both Kurugliev and Naifonov are very even. Kurugliev won before the World Cup and now Naifonov wins. I personally like Naifonov better. The 74 category still has a lot to decide. I do not finish seeing Sidakov representing his country. The victory against Zhamalov was very close and remember that he failed to qualify for the World Cup due his defeat with Tsabolov. Dagestani pressure could play a decisive role in the final decision.
  4. This kid is continually improving and wrestling more solidly. Before he risked more, he made more points but they also made him more points. He is at the level of the best in the world. I do not understand why it cannot be done as in Judo, that the best fighters in the world are present (regardless os their country) and there can be up to two wrestlers from each country. It would be wonderful to see Burroughs, Dake, Sidakov, Zhamalov and Chamizo in the 74 kg category. Without a doubt, it would be the best category in the world
  5. Why am I talking about a year? Because it is the minimum period to know the effectiveness of a vaccine. If you want to implement a vaccine in as short a term as 6 months, you can only have the data that occurred in that period of time. You will be able to know if antibodies still remain in the body of the vaccinated person, but you will not be able to know if those antibodies last after 8, 10 or 12 months have passed. He is going fast with the vaccine but the first real trials date back to April. If a vaccine is taken in October or November, not enough time will have passed to know the real efficacy of a vaccine in a period of one year. And, of course, that without counting on the virus to mutate (as happens with the flu), then the vaccine would no longer be of any use and would have to be modified.
  6. Possibly the vaccine will be ready within a year. But it will take another year to make it available to the entire population. The first doses will go to the population of risks, health and emergency services. The celebration of the Olympics will depend on the speed of the vaccine in reaching the population and the covid outbreaks that occur in autumn - winter. I see the celebration of the Olympics complicated next year but everything is possible, it will depend on the strength of the virus. Here in Europe we have already passed the worst of the epidemic but people are very neglected, they do not wear masks and they do not maintain social distance. So a new wave of infection is quite possible. China and Germany are two recent examples
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