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  1. First of all, any discussion about wrestlers who were highly touted but never made it tend to disappear pretty quickly, so I focus on big time disappointments of recent vintage. Here’s my top 5: Colin Moore: Very good above average wrestler who had the misfortune of being around with Bo. Also screwed by the covid cancellation, he might have had a chance last year at 197. Hayden Hidlay: undefeated as a frosh at NC. Makes it to the finals and like Moore, runs up against a king like Nolf. But he’s had two seasons since then and has never risen to his frosh standards. One more shot, maybe he’ll come of the list. Daton Fix: Everybody’s hero during the regular season only to crash and burn at the Nationals. Inexcusable that RBG rode him out for the entire 2nd period in the finals. He’ll be back for his 6th, or is it 7th year. Maybe he will learn to wrestle from the bottom. Jaydin Eierman: One of the loudmouths talking himself up as King of the Mat. Gets his BTN honorific story and loses to the skinny kid from Tucson. Another one with a 6th, or is it 7th shot at it. He’s already getting grey in his beard. And the King of Kings – Da Bull: Wrestling’s perennial hero-cum-goat. Didn’t even make it out of the quarters, for the second year. Iowa’s Prince of Wales with multiple BTN Bioptics saying he’s the second coming of Dan Gable. The only similarity between Gable and Da Bull is the skin head.
  2. New Jersey has only one state champion for each weight class each year. No subdivisions by school size, private academies, or parochial. Therefore, it's really tough to be a state champ in NJ. You win, you da man.
  3. Ferdinand "Da Bull" will this coming year be a five time "best that never was". I don't think he wins BIGS next year. He's lost steam and drive along with his hair. At 32 he'll have lost a step. Again. Maybe he could get a job playing a wrestler on the movie The Champion 2.
  4. 7 years is ridiculous. This is supposed to be a college experience. I'd go with the Olympic absence and a major injury early in the season, but what we're seeing is crazy. These guys are supposed to be pursuing a life. The worst thing about it is that an opening for new kids coming out of high school is closed. How do they justify a scholarship for 7 yearts? Iowa has what 4 or 5 guys coming back for 6th and 7th years. That's 4 or 5 new kids that could be brought along, like we see at Penn State who had a down year and now have 5 great youngsters coming up and contributing.
  5. Of course there's also Stagger Lee by Lloyd Price. Great song. Then there's The Great Stack A Lee by Snatch and the Poontangs. Great band.
  6. By the way if I see another BTN soft-touch, feel-good biopic on Da Bull I will hang myself.
  7. I like Nick "Stagger" Lee. Unless you listened to music in the 50's like me, you won't get it. Just Google Stagger Lee.
  8. I repeat: Da Bull is the best that never was. He's been stomping around with his antics for 3 years. I don't usually find glee in somebody failing, but in his case I cheered with his downfall. He's not the "nice guy" so many on this forum insist. I feel sorry for him and others like him recently who can't move on and wind up wrestling until they're close to 30.
  9. I predicted this. It must sour in has gullet that his nemesis Joseph has 2 titles, and Bull has zilch. Maybe Iowa can post another video of his travails to build some sympathy. He's done. No freestyle for him. Maybe he can get a job coaching at the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.
  10. Da Bull just may be the gest wrestler to never win the gold
  11. I'm 73 and fat and I'm in better shape than Kerlvliet. He's an embarrassment to Cael. If he showed this lack of stamina in the room Cael should have sent Nevils.
  12. Where is BIG10 brackets? Have I missed something? They wrestle in 5 days!! Any idea why the braintrust at BIG hasn't finished this?
  13. Reality check: Here's some news for all of you: if next fall college football is NOT played, the loss of revenue will result in catastrophic reductions in not just other sports but many non-sport activities as well. Brands is smart: take the small hit now and I doubt he'll be asked to take more later. No other sport makes money like football. Even basketball can't touch football. And even if they play with stands empty, tv revenue will come down big time: the excitement will be lost.
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