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  1. The Florida Gulf Coast University Wrestling Club (Team) is looking for our new Head Coach. This challenging Position is Volunteer (no pay from the University). Many NCAA DI Programs have Volunteer Assistant Coaches, and we need a Volunteer Head Coach. We are open to helping to fund a Head Coach through a related Organization from the outside, if we find a way for that to happen. The Florida Gulf Coast University is in Fort Myers, on the beautiful southwest Florida Gulf Coast. This is our Team’s fifteenth wrestling season , in 2014 we won our NCWA D2 National Championship with then NCAA Hall of Fame Coach – Wrestler Pat Milkovich. Two years ago, our Team was 10th in our NCWA D1. In 2019, we had one National Champion wrestlers, and one Bronze medalist. Our Team has had several NCWA All-Americans through the years. FGCU has not yet committed to allow us to consistently practice On-Campus; and their desire to store our mats On-Campus is not likely. We are looking for a Head Coach who is up to these challenges, and yet, has the opportunity to add to their resume a beautiful situation if we all work together to pull this 2020-21 season together. The Student – Wrestlers, and Team Officers will officially choose their new Head Coach when they start Classes in August. However, we need to provide them willing and qualified Candidates ahead of time. Thank you. With questions contact Greg – gwinch@stewartsigns.com And, or Coach Keith – bullpensportsofboston@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/FgcuWrestling
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