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  1. I couldn't agree more. It's an incredible come back story. One with great lessons for lots of younger kids to look up to and admire. WE ARE NOT OUR MISTAKES, WE ARE WHO WE BECOME AFTER OUR MISTAKES. Congrats to him.
  2. The owners name is Joe De Sena. He did an episode on the Joe Rogan Podcast - #1514. It was a pretty good episode. Give it a listen if you're looking to learn about him.
  3. I hate to see bad sportsmanship promoted. The flo Instagram and twitter has posted a decent amount of it....the tired Yazdani video is my least favorite....a class act multiple time world champ looses first round....walking away, most likely very disappointed, and you guys stalk him to get a video to post on the internet with a caption that border line mocks him.....bad look Even worse I hate when it is fake or forced. When a match genuily has some conflict and fireworks it is fun to watch. But when a match or event has forced drama ot trash talk.....the 180 eight man seeding.... Burger King girl victory speech.....it can be cringy and gross. It stinks for young kids getting involved to see situations like that promoted because some kids (not all) will think that is the way wrestling is and act that way or try to get a clip that will get posted.
  4. I think we are getting closer and closer to a pro league. The 8 man brackets were my favorite. The cards were ok, i think just one match lacks a bit of intensity. If cards were best of 3 they would be better. I think the build up of a tournament to a final or a best of 3 adds to the energy of the event. The RTC duals were also a great event. If we had more duals between RTCs that would catch on too. The problem is that some RTCs dont have a full line up, so it would have to be combined clubs or a region or area to get to a league. But I think 8 man tournaments and RTC duals are the way to go. Or if cards keep happening make them best of 3.
  5. You can in Nittany Lion doing their events and HWC doing an event. Hopefully this keeps up in the spring
  6. They have a 150 pound bracket coming soon too. Have they announced who is in it yet? I know on FRL they said they were reaching out to some big names....im think Yanni, Zane and maybe JO
  7. I really like what flo is doing with the tournament format. I think that is something that could take off. I am not a fan of the card model for pro wrestling. One match lacks a little bit of intensity. If the cards were best out of 3 it would be better. RTC duals could be one of the best ways to have a pro wrestling season. That is tough though because some RTCs only have a few guys at them. If there was a way to get full line ups, an idea could be to start smal, 4 locations....State College, Columbus, Oklahoma, and Iowa. Places that have the best fan attendance for college wrestling (post covid). Build a following and a fun environment.
  8. Could anyone explain the issue Cael was tweeting about? It's over my head
  9. Serious question here...how was the live steam? Any feed issues? Thats something to think about with competing media companies for wrestling. Lets say a place like UWW or USA wrestling is looking to have an event live streamed, quality of the feed is something they would take into account.
  10. I think the big question that needs to be asked is......if Rofkins stream stays up and does not crash, will they become the better place for wrestling events?
  11. I love this idea for Prowrestling. I didn't love the 1 off match fight card style. I think this type of prowrestling can really take off. I look forward to seeing who they get!
  12. Im late to the party, can anyone explain why Martin is no longer at Flosports. Did he start the company? Also is it just me or is the Rofkin logo incredibly similar to the Flo logo
  13. I do not understand why FRL or Flo does not cover results and news of other live events. The argument is they are a media company and they need to make money but that really doesn't make sense if you look at other sports. Look at football, ESPN has recaps and results of all games not just Monday Night Football - which is the only game they have. Lots of fans watch ESPN for highlights, results and news. People would do the same with flo.
  14. Huge and exciting news. https://twitter.com/NittanyLionWC/status/1300863396712153097?s=19 Really excited for the main card Deringer vs Nickel
  15. Yes their content has been great all week but I think come Saturday the hype will be far bigger then the actual event. The only match on the card to really get behind is Dake vs Chamizo but even that hs a single match lacks something. It would be better if it was best of 3.
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