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  1. The four wrestlers from the upper peninsula should be omitted from any analysis.
  2. Who even thinks Snyder will make it to the gold medal match to face Sadulaev this summer in Tokyo?
  3. Meh. I am more interested in seeing what country wins the chest, back and shoulder hair award at the Olympics. Iran, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan are perennial powers in that field, but you never know maybe Japan will field a team of young wrestlers who were influenced by Fukushima.
  4. It's a close call and you need 2 of 3 refs to agree. I am unsure if either the two table refs offered any points in that sequence. All know is nothing came from the mat official.
  5. If I am not mistaken Cox can only compete for the USA as he has competed in multiple world level events for the country. We'll see if Cox goes with Yianni's team of lawyers for the litigation and arbitration process.
  6. Chance was. My biggest issue with Peacock is they are not showing the criteria indicator on their on screen scoreboard.
  7. The amount of technological illiteracy on this post is hilarious! The 3 stream limit is for devices. You can have four browser windows open with one mat per browser window on your computer as that is one device. See the the picture below for an example. This has nothing to do with Peacock. You just need to open up new browser windows. If you do not know how to do that then that is a you problem not a Peacock problem.
  8. I have credible sources that informed me that Cox was going through an intense Shake Weight/Thighmaster work out in the sauna to lose the last few pounds and as he walked out he slipped on his puddle of sweat and suffered a concussion. This will most likely go to the courts so he can get justice.
  9. Sounds like if you want to watch it you will need to look for pirated streams. IMO there's nothing wrong with that. I recommend searching for NBC Peacock free stream. You'll most likely get a lot of hits directing you to the Peacock Premium free trial. My go to website for free sports streams is VIPBOX dot TV. Sometimes it has streams to niche sports, but it mostly only provides streams for more popular sports. Good luck bro!
  10. This might come off as a "is it plugged in?" question, but are you using a VPN that uses a US IP address?
  11. That's nice. I can watch it for free on all the same devices you mentioned.
  12. For those of you who don't know. You will need a Premium account on Peacock to watch that platform's coverage of the OTTs. They do offer a 7-day free trial so I would recommend using that if you haven't already. As far as NBCSN goes... I am a cord cutter and don't mess with cable packages. There are a plethora of websites that provide live streams of TV broadcasts for the yearly price of $0. Be warned a lot of these websites have a lot of popups of porn advertisements. I highly recommend using an adblocker if you go that route. I am still trying to figure out what's up with watching matches on NBCsports.com and the NBC Sports app. I assume you will have to sign in with your cable/internet provider's login and password to view that. If anyone has recommendations on how to view from those two platforms please pass on the knowledge.
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