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  1. I enjoyed the whole podcast,, but JB's rant on PEDs and Russia really good to hear.
  2. Khabib will come back to fight. Putin will hire one of his ex-KGB friends to assassinate Khabib's mom and with her out of the way Khabib won't have to worry about honoring his promise to her. He'll come back and fight GSP at 170lbs.
  3. The MHSAA announced that wrestlers will be required to wear masks during competition. https://www.mlive.com/highschoolsports/2020/10/mhsaa-releases-winter-sports-coronavirus-protocols-football-final-sites-decided-soon.html
  4. This could be almost as bad as the US boycott of the 1980 Olympics. Granted our athletes will be able to compete, but I doubt the orgies in the athlete village will be any good.
  5. I remember all that. Just win baby. Forget about the fireworks.
  6. It's beyond me why his coaches had him focus on standup striking in his first 8 fights. He's a very skilled wrestler and should start to incorporate more in his fights. Take your opponent down early smother him, land some solid punches and take some gas out of the their tank. Then land a standup KO in the later rounds when they are tired. Pico should be altering his strategy to allow him to utilize his wrestling more. If he does that then he might be able to make some noise.
  7. I think he made the move there about a year ago. Albuquerque, New Mexico is a good fit right now. Eddie Bravo commented about Pico on one of Joe Rogan's Fight Companion Podcasts over a year ago saying that he told Pico that he should rely on his wrestling skills. Take his opponents down, smother them and go for the ground and pound or submissions, but that was not what his camp at the time wanted to focus on. They wanted Pico to focus on his standup striking.
  8. Agreed. There's nothing wrong with following the Khabib playbook.
  9. Pico utilizes more wrestling in his submission via rear naked choke tonight.
  10. Performance of the night bonus at any Flo event should be to have control of their staffs' Twitter accounts and be able to talk sh!t about women's wrestling and anthem protests.
  11. I wouldn't put any money on him, but you never know.
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