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  1. You're right. I will turn myself into the Feds and ask that I get placed in Bernie Madoff's old cell.
  2. You say potaytoe, I say potahtoe.
  3. It's still free if you set your computer's IP address as being located in a country outside of the US and within a country that UWW provides free access to. The $150 charge is for people who lack the rudimentary technical skills to leverage a VPN.
  4. That's so laughable. He's got the knees of a 70 year old. I doubt he ever makes a world team.
  5. Lemme guess you probably don't sneak candy and soda into the movie theater. It's your loss.
  6. Get a VPN, set it to a country like India and then watch on the UWW website. Gotta love free!
  7. This is so laughable. At this level just having a gas tank isn't enough. The Russians have incredible technique to go alongside the gas tank (PEDs also help too). I am thinking the US wrestlers need to focus more on the technical side than just being able to grind. DT is a prime example, although I am thinking now it's time for him to develop some turns on top.
  8. The talent level at heavyweight was not very good when Brock was champ. He beat a 45 year old Randy Coture who was really a light heavyweight for the belt. There's no doubt that Gable brings the highest level wrestling with him, but can he take a punch? Can he throw a punch? There's a lot of unknowns for him and his skill set and if he rushes MMA and tries to fight Francis Ngannou or Ciryl Gane too soon then he may possibly get launched into orbit by a heavy punch. If he does go MMA hopefully he'll be wise enough to be patient with his fights and also not rely solely on his wrestling or he might just end up like Askren.
  9. He thinks he can win a UFC title with 18 months of training. That's hilarious!
  10. I'd say TMS is top 5 p4p freestyle wrestler in the US.
  11. I've been watching on a pirated stream. While I ain't too keen on them I do prefer them over the homer play-by-plays you'll get on NBC. I remember in Rio the streaming platform had a feature to turn off commentary, but keep the matside sound on. I prefer that, but because I am getting it for free I try not to complain too much about it.
  12. I am curious to see if the US can get past Russia in both overall medals and total number of golds. If Hildebrandt wins her bronze match then the US will lead in overall Medal count with 9. The US is guaranteed 8 medals. Russia can get 8 total if Rhasidov wins bronze and is guaranteed 7. For total number of golds both countries are tied at 3 a piece. The Sadulaev vs Snyder 3 will determine which country will take that lead. The final session of wrestling should be very interesting and enjoyable to watch!
  13. I watch a pirated stream of the international English language broadcast. Mats A and B are just the sounds of the crowd and the match. Mat B are two English boobs who aren't enjoyable to listen to, but they don't sound like my uncle Hank with a fat lip of dip in his mouth.
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