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  1. Who were the strongest wrestlers of all time, from a purely physical standpoint? Who had the most brute, crushing strength? Who had the most explosive power? Who was the strongest pound for pound or muscle for muscle*? Who was the absolute strongest? I'd say overall, Yoel Romero and Mark Schultz, speedier and stronger respectively. George Hackenschmidt was a strongman and he broke tons of weightlifting records in the 1900's - with his arms ourstretched like a cross, he could carry 90 lbs in each hand. He was likely considerably slower than Romero and Schultz. Aleksander Karelin in the same league as them but on the lower end, although he has the most absolute strength. Danny Hodge, Lee Kemp, Artur Taymazov, Karam Gaber, and Sadulaev come to mind, but they're just below that highest tier. Yandro Quintana closely followed by Jordan Burroughs in this second tier for their insane explosiveness. If you could make a top 5 or top 10 and why they're in that placing, it'd be great. I don't really know enough to do that myself. *Issue is Anthony Robles and Zion Shaver. How strong would they be for their weight class if they had a full body? If it's strictly their upper body strength vs. mass, of course they'd be the strongest pound for pound.
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