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  1. Yes with most D3 schools keeping kids online after thanksgiving there’s very few other options unfortunately. My team comes back on February 5th, sooo..
  2. Sorry, correction - “kids are D3 level MAY just say no mas”
  3. Fully agree will be a big issue with non-scholarship/D3 guys. The technical proficiency and mat time required - to even wrestle at an avg D3 school - takes a huge hit when you miss an entire season. Soccer, football, baseball, basketball etc etc players don’t regress to the extent a wrestler does by missing an entire year. Probably similar with swimming, gymnastics and a few others. Kids at D3 level just say no mas. I mean at least in hs there are rivalry matches and u can be halfway cool on the wrestling team, most of that is irrelevant at D3 schools. Could be off base though who knows
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