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  1. I thought Iowa really missed out on him and Dayton Racer.... boy was I wrong.
  2. Loved watching Slaton in highschool. The first time I saw him was when the state tournament was still in the barn and here is this ripped lil 119 pounder, with an angry look on his face and slighlty pigeon toed gait, just hulking people around. I believe that was his junior year and he won it over a former champ. Iowa 3A was just stacked at that time. Not flashy at all and a prototypical Iowa guy. I wish we would have seen more of him.
  3. So confrontational all the time haha. Lighten up Lurker. Anyways, nah, Im definitely not contradicting myself — not really sure why you would even think that. He has done just sooooo much research, sifted through all the information, but just cant tell us what expert advice he is actually listening to..... then goes on incoherently rambling about how some people have great info and others dont, but doesnt say anything about who those people are and what the info is. Us plebes are just left to figure out what all that means.
  4. No Im not. People with a lot of success tend not to be corrected or redirected often. It doesnt mean they have aspergers. Haha wtf.
  5. No, he just doesnt know when to shut up because not enough people have said "Kyle, thats stupid. Shut up."
  6. That would make a lot of sense, but why does he constantly act like he is privy to some super secret info that no one else is ready for yet?
  7. Thats a bit of a stretch. I have yet to hear anyone say we have found out how to reverse aging. Since you referenced your podcast listening, I actually just finished an audiobook by Bill Bryson called "The Body". Very interesting and well sourced. It talks about talomeres, and acknowledges that it does play a part in aging. He does reference an expert here but Im not going to look it up. The point he made was that although it does play a part, there hasnt been any substantial gain in the reversal of aging as it is believed talomeres are only a very small piece of the puzzle and there is still a ton we don't know.... which makes sense. The human body is extremely complex and its highly unlikely that changing one thing would reverse a process that was developed over 3.5 billion years. Then again, Dake does have his sociology degree....
  8. Stanford winning a title would be cool though... Id rather not see Koll at the helm.
  9. 99.9 percent would not.... but that damn .1 percent is a son of a bitch
  10. So it looks he could go watch his kid, but not just take his kid to a dual.... kind of dumb.
  11. Is there common sense application to this? Like if his kid wrestles in high school, can he go? Can he take his son to a high school dual ever?
  12. Its not a real party if you're not name calling is what I always say.
  13. Why would they limit a staffs recruiting? I dont keep up on NCAA recruiting rules at all.
  14. Just seems like a really smart move by Tim Flynn. I really hope things work out.
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