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  1. Does Win Win have a line as good as "You cant hold your mud. Youre a bleeder and I like to see blood."?
  2. Gable was 48 when he retired.
  3. Cletus was a fantastic troll.
  4. Saw him at a tourney as a freshman. Just a man among boys, even at age 15.
  5. I just meant to point out that he hadn't seperated himself from the pack.
  6. Ok, but that wasnt what the post was about. You simple or something?
  7. Pat? Not when you factor in international which OP clearly was.
  8. 90s? Gotta be Tom Brands. 3 time NCAA champ. Olympic and world gold.
  9. ... but he was definitely the most likely to. He had a loss to Caffey in the year. Why you getting so defensive?
  10. Pride comes before the fall.
  11. There are a few problems, but wrestling on the edge is the one that needs to be fixed first and we've been trying for years. First they extended the out of bounds, but guys just got better at wrestling there. Then we put in an overly complicated way to call stalling and initially it looked like it was going to help, but refs now call continuous action no matter what and never call fleeing the mat so its probably been a net negative. What next? It would seem to be a push out. If we dont figure out something guys will continue to wrestle with their butt just inside of the out of bounds line while sitting on a lead. Right now the edge is the safest place on the mat and it needs to change.
  12. The fact that some of you are too dumb to spot an obvious troll is both funny and a little scary.
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