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  1. Why are you so angry? Calling me a pearl clutcher for raising a question? Fact is we seldomly hear of PEDs in college wrestling. Out of 10 champs, Im guessing the majority of wrestling fans would say its absolutely not feasible that someone like Spencer Lee or Mark Hall or any of the others was taking PEDs. If I am so naive, so is every one else.
  2. Nah... Figured you'd know since you brought it up...
  3. What does that mean? Thats supposed to mean something? Also, I dont know what certification you need. Its not something you just sign up for and receive?
  4. He was clearly stuck, flat, done.
  5. Lost in the semis to him. Evans had him pinned. It was a travesty.
  6. Also, since this is a college forum, I think we should assume that Chris Perry was taking PEDs all along(since he clearly has experience with them) and retroactively award Mike Evans the title that was stolen from him. Its only fair.
  7. I dont disagree with you, but when I hear Chris Perry is encouraging that, I cant help but wonder just how prevalent this kind of stuff is in wrestling. Are we all naive to think its not?
  8. ...and he most certainly had the mustache to be a legend.
  9. This is true of soooooooo many NFL players, hell, even some backups. In the USA, our best athletes play football or Basketball with a high school and college athletic system that is far and away better than every other country in the world.
  10. IMO any elite all around athlete could be great if they had the right start in the sport. Someone like Deion Sanders or Allen Iverson could have been very electric to watch.
  11. As a coach, you have to remind everyone there that this is all about you. Coaching 101
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