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  1. Ssshiiiit, you dont know about #tigerstyle?
  2. Met him awhile back at the NWCA coaches clinic they do down in FL. He is just a professional and I am not shocked he keeps turning out successful teams year after year.
  3. Iowa getting a title this year is justice for not getting it last year.
  4. No, Minnesota has just fallen that hard in one week. It couldnt be that Iowa is that good right now. It couldnt be.
  5. I used to see this in college all the time and that was about 15 years ago.
  6. Just to keep everyone up to date, this was started because housebuye said he personally didnt care for Rogan as much as he used to because he didnt think he was factual. ^this is the kind of response you get from some awfully thin skinned posters.
  7. Well shucks, I wonder if it could be something they said and not just that they are "conservative"?
  8. ^ this is not silencing. It sounds like you are just very sensitive to criticisms of conservatives.... victim.
  9. If you dont believe him, fine. If he doesnt feel the need to convince you thats up to him. I wouldn't waste my time if I were him. Pretty much any one that listens to Rogan knows what housebuye is saying. Hell, go to the Joe Rogan subreddit. Most of Joe Rogans biggest fans agree with what housebuye is saying.
  10. So you are arguing that people are trying to silence conservatives because they are conservative? Can you support that claim? Even in this case, Housebuye is not trying to silence Rogan at all. He said he stopped listening because he thought Joe started talking too much about unsubstantiated bs. Thats his right. Your complaining about "silencing" is a complete nonsequiter. No one said anything about that at all. He didnt even say it was Joe's conservative positions that were the issues. You are just too busy trying to paint every conservative as a victim. Victim standing and outrage; thats all you are good for anymore Tbar.
  11. He needs to cite everything he says on here?
  12. Stating something is false is trying to silence conservative points of view? What are you even talking about? Stop virtue signalling. No one is trying to silence anything ya dbag.
  13. Joe doesnt necessarily "support" all of the conspiracies he talks about. He has talked at length about many conspiracy theories from aliens, to area 51, to the moon landings, to coronavirus, to 9/11 to illuminati type stuff. I guess it would depend on what you think the word "promote" means. If someone talks for 50 minutes about the moon landings not being real, but then ends it with "....but I dont necessarily believe that"; is that promoting conspiracies? Id say so, but I see the arguement of someone saying it doesnt. I dont think he should be banned or silenced though. I dont think anyone here is really saying that.
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