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  1. .... and I am not saying someone shouldnt make money. I am saying that it appears like we could be sacrificing long term growth for short term gains. Its atleast worth considering.
  2. You are aware that across many sports, flo has been criticized for monopolizing the content and offering a ****ty product, right? I think we are asking that our governing bodies be a bit more forward thinking than just giving it up to the highest bidder.
  3. I dont think things should be free all the time. I would be careful not to fully cash in before your investment has matured. Make sense?
  4. False. Most major developments on the internet were made through a free exchange until it was monetized. The difference is that at that point hundreds of millions were using the net. It looks like we have chosen to cash in on something now, create an oligopoly to serve a niche for modest gains and a so so product. Unless you believe that we have tapped out interest and its a good idea to squeeze out cash from the few interested, it doesnt appear like putting our finite content behind a paywall is a good plan for long-term growth. I think we underestimate our potential. Wrestling is a combat sport, 6-7 minutes long and easily watchable on phones, touchscreens and laptops. I personally dont think its time to limit access, but I do understand why people want to make money.
  5. This last year, I have watched far less wrestling than I did in the previous 10. I have become fatigued from the subscription model. I dont have enough time to justify multiple subscriptions so I really just watch if I can catch something on Big10 network.
  6. In the last decade we had a huge increase in access to the sport..... now we get to see it all fall behind a paywall. I get it, but I worry that is shortsighted; short term returns while sacrificing long term gains.
  7. I havent read this, but just anecdotally, I hear co-workers joking around about their loss or changes of smell and taste several months or even a year after the fact... Its strange to me that people dont consider this to be more alarming. The brain is complicated organ. Having said that, its probably not a huge deal, but when it comes to the brain, you never know.
  8. Could Ferrari win titles without this tactic? How dis-similar is this from Heil's stall tactic where he was not near as good when the rules changed to prevent it?
  9. My problem with shaking the coaches hand is if a really good guy gets upset, he doesnt bother to do it. So its clear he was only doing it to celebrate his own win in the first place. No joke — I went to a high school dual in the middle of Nebraska once. The wrestlers shook eachothers hands when lineups were announced before the dual started, but they also ran to the bench and shook the opposing coaches hand too. That was weird to me. Then the wrestlers shook hands before and after the match, followed by the shaking of the opposing coaches hands again. Of course at the end, there was the handshake line. Sure, the whole thing was harmless, but god it just seemed so strange and a bit overkill on the sportsmanship front.
  10. So you say that he probably recieved a couple participation trophies, but acknowledge its not the actual problem. Wow. What a waste of time. This is just an old man getting his daily session of yelling at clouds in.
  11. Im really not. Maybe Im missing your point? Care to tell me where I am misrepresenting your post?
  12. Im not ignoring it, but just because someone says you are enough doesnt mean the desire to be exceptional just disappears.
  13. People can acknowledge their own self worth and still be driven to achieve more.
  14. I think celebrities are no different than any others when it comes to things they dont understand. They just have a platform and people listen. The general public has no shortage of this and lets be real TBar1977, you are one of the worst here when it comes to being confidently incorrect about ****.
  15. Exact same. Its nothing against those dudes, but there is no reason to value the opinions of a good wrestler over anyone unless the topic is wrestling related. Now of course its different if they have a relevant degree, but most of the loudest ones have "sports management" type degrees.
  16. Its common in all sports. Unfortunately, these people tend to be extra vocal about **** they dont understand. Listen to most of them talk about topics outside of wrestling and it gets cringe real quick. The smart ones are the guys who have enough self awareness to realize when they don't actually know anything about a topic.
  17. He is a great wrestler, but his opinion on things outside of sport are about as relevant as the cashier's at the gas station.
  18. Unfortunately, that was the attitude Mark had too. How many people have to die before we stop downplaying this?
  19. Thats not the arguement about participation trophies though. An equivalent would be that he recieved a participation plaque and then never wrestled again because that plaque somehow ruined his fire to compete. Thats ridiculous. People are, by nature, too aware of hierarchy for that to be a real thing.
  20. Are participation trophies ever a thing beyond 1st grade Tball?
  21. He did a little more than wrestle though, didnt he? PSU fans have no leg to stand on here. Cael enabled Andrew Long and Andrew sexually assaulted someone because of it.
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