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  1. ESPN+ has some good ones. I think in the past they have really only had a handful of ACC matches.
  2. I dont get it. Do you think we should pretend the ACC is better than it is? I feel like VT and NC State get respect on this board.
  3. Id rather them do this than nothing. Its talking about wrestling. How different is that than a podcast?
  4. I disagree with this. I think that leadership role is too important. A change, even to somone in-house can have a major changing effect. I mean, look at Roger Chandler at Michigan St.
  5. Go watch ESPN or any sports network and come back and tell me whether mens or women's sports get more attention. People just dont typically watch womens sports as much. With that in mind and with how new womens wrestling is, I would say flo is doing pretty damn good.
  6. Flo does a great job with women's wrestling in my opinion.
  7. I cant deny that the US is much improved and I think we should be happy about it. I just cant help but talk about how good Japan. Their depth is insane and it doesnt appear to me like the US will be able to catch them for some time.
  8. The US womens team has improved a lot recently. Yet, we cant even compete with Japan. Its going to be a loooooong time before we can.
  9. Hmm, Tsargush was not a great wrestler? He probably would have won 6 straight titles had JB not been there.
  10. Then what? You will refuse to just tell me what you are talking about? Why do that? Just sounds like a cop out for a poster without a good point...
  11. Waiting on that illogical conclusion part... you have an example?
  12. Who am I speaking for? This all should be a non issue.
  13. For you? Vaccines are safe and no one is stopping these idiots from not getting vaccinated. Seems like its almost no attack on liberty.
  14. Either defend that statement or ignore me.
  15. How so? Both sides have clearly taken a position based on politics and not the simple fact that vaccines are a good thing.
  16. Politics and people who have tied their identity to those politics.
  17. And I hear that arguement. I get the idea that we dont want the government stepping in on individual rights... but unfortunately rights of some butt up against the rights of others and our leaders have to decide. What really isnt being discussed enough? Our economy. Yes, we need to protect the at-risk people, but I believe the recent push is to protect our economy so we can open up 100%. Unvaccinated people hold this back. Its interesting because it seems that parties have flipped on this one.
  18. How far you willing to go with that? Should my neighbor have the right to set my house on fire? Are the laws against arson totalitarian because we just wont let a pyro be himself? Its always a give and take; not all or nothing. People have the right to not get vaccinated. They dont have a right to have a job. Telling people they have a choice, even though they may not like the options is not authoritarianism. I dont lose sleep over idiots like these two
  19. Vaccines are not a slippery slope to authoritarianism. There is literally no precedent for that. Vaccines arent dangerous dude. I seriously question Howe and Kennedys ability to do a simple cost benefit analysis.
  20. What a dumb thing to lose a job over. Vaccines are not dangerous. End of story.
  21. If they do, Dean better leave and give a speach about freedom to keep consistent.
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