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  1. What a dumb thing to lose a job over. Vaccines are not dangerous. End of story.
  2. If they do, Dean better leave and give a speach about freedom to keep consistent.
  3. Sure do. This may shock some of you but I have had one give me a talk'n to.
  4. I agree. Its not important. At the same time, there is no wrestling to talk about.
  5. Antitroll said GWN was wrong. Its too much to ask why he thinks that?
  6. People that served should be valued more? I dont get what you're saying. People dying=bad. No?
  7. 1. I didnt. 2. Are you gracious because you think I mistook you for intelligent? Haha Im sure that doesnt happen often so I get why your so excited.
  8. Me pointing out your ignorance really got you in a tissy haha
  9. Not sure.. whenever they need an accountants opinion I guess
  10. Ahh, I missed that. Jobs going great. Im there right now actually
  11. You have to resort to saying Im triggered because your so bad at making a good point that you need to discredit me as "triggered". So when saying this, are you just completely ignoring his injury history even before he came to Iowa? Even in his limited competition he won the US open... not to mention he is a 2 time hodge winner and is heading for his 4th title this year. He has been just as good as advertised if not better. You just refuse to acknowledge what is obvious.
  12. So saying anything to you is triggered? How could you possibly take that as triggered? You wish I was triggered, but its just another pathetic deflection. I am still waiting to hear about your experience in the medical field. How does Spencer not getting surgery the wrong call when he has had multiple acl tears going back to high school? You seemed so sure that its the wrong call. Why?
  13. I like Chael from time to time. Monthly would be enough tho. Otherwise it will become the Chael show.
  14. Nope. @nhs67 will call me and a few other posters Bratke as a way to try to derail a retort of his B.S. He does it in hopes that some idiot will chime in and change the topic for him so he doesn't have to answer for the dumb **** he says... although, I find it hard to believe you havent noticed this schtick by now and that you aren't just acting as his little errand boy. At the very least, congrats, you're the idiot this time. (No offense!) Back to the topic, please @nhs67, please tell us more about your experience in the medical field...
  15. Anything else you want to weigh in on that you know nothing about? Law? Quantum physics? I bet you have some great ideas on space travel... go ahead and preach!
  16. I have a feeling you need to assure people of this frequently.
  17. Do you think there is any chance they have considered a doctors/surgeons opinion? Unless you are a doctor....
  18. Not even close.... Gable vs a mini-ditka is a coin toss.
  19. I dont get his arguement, charity or not, the living dream fund is there because there is a demand to have good American representation in wrestling. Chaels donation is an investment in wrestling so someone else will go do what he cannot. People constantly spend money on things that they cannot recoup and they do it for many reasons. In this case its not to prevent despair or out of the goodness of his heart. It is so a guy like Jordan Burroughs is incentivized to win gold medals thereby helping American wrestling.
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