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  1. I always assumed it was because of the popularity of Judo in Japan and its an easy transition to wrestling, especially when the competition pool is still a little shallow.
  2. Gillman got a silver at Iowa. Iowa just won the NCAA title. Spencer just won the hodge. PSU fans are delusional.
  3. They had a lightweight guy on their own team who was a natty champ, but for some reason they had to get a guy from HWC to get medal. Hmmm...
  4. ... where is Hall this olympics Tbar? Jordan Burroughs memorably said he had to win now before Hall came and took over the spot. A sure thing, a prodigy actually got worse at freestyle wrestling, but you think NLWC is the bees knees because an already established guy goes from 2nd to 3rd. Yall are kidding yourselves.
  5. Lets face it, medalists are actually few and far between anyways. We can list a ton of guys from any team who didnt make it, but its pretty ridiculous that PSU fans see NLWC take established medalists and pat Cael on the back for it and pretend it doesnt have anything to do with money. Otherwise, why isnt Nolf tearing it up? What ever happened to McIntosh? He was a huge recruit and right there with Cox, but Cael couldnt make him a medalist? All these #1 recruiting classes for PSU and yet David is the only one that is a home grown champ.... but yeah Gilman goes from 2nd to 3rd and its all because of NLWC. PSU fans are idiots.
  6. Psu has to go after guys like Gilman and Snyder who are already developed. Otherwise it brings attention to the fact that guys like Retherford dont live up to post collegiate expectations.... not to mention Hall who was a freestyle dynamo and is no longer even top 5 in America.
  7. I thought they were relaxing the rules on saunas in college?
  8. My problem with international wrestling is that it takes more time than I have to follow people from other countries. Its one thing to know the American wrestlers, but when I only know a hand full of their opponents at international events, it is not as interesting as it could be. College is just a lot easier to follow.
  9. I think Bobby Ross was a big part of the reason if I remember correctly.
  10. Hahaha its funny that you are so offended when I did exactly what you do on here all the time. You manufacture a picture and then repeat it over and over and over. You can dish it out, but the moment someone does exactly what you do, now your a victim. Hahaha dude, you need a life. The fact is that I never do that to other posters. I replicated your schtick and you cant take it.
  11. Idk, in general I like Askren and love his perspective on wrestling.... but its kind of like with his argument that talent doesnt exist. It always comes back to how mentally tough and smart Ben Askren is.
  12. Its not the media, its market demand. They put out what people will click on and sadly people want outrage porn and inspiration porn.
  13. Fair enough. To me the thing about Askren that really annoys me is that he goes on a tangents about these things as a vehicle to tout his own achievements and his own moral goodness. Maybe others dont feel that, but after how many FRLs of him talking about his affinity for sports psychology, no one else is getting annoyed that he takes every example of someone stumbling as an opportunity to put his own career in opposition? Am I the only one who thinks that?
  14. Yeah, probably doesnt count. Though, when he retired I was just as, if not more shocked.
  15. Barry Sanders retired at the top of his game and on the verge of breaking the all-time rushing record.
  16. ... and sadly he let us down. In this case, it would have been better to not compete at all.
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