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  1. Can anyone elaborate on the 1-1 headliner match?
  2. Not registered, but I believe on FRL they said Gilman was competing.
  3. I don't think Yianni's progression has stalled at all. When is the last time he competed? Seemed like he was trying some more misdirection shots. I thought this was the best match I've seen out of all the cards this summer; chicago bts, flo's july card, Sonnen's cage card, etc. Can't wait to see Yianni in "peak" form in April.
  4. Looks like Seth Gross is competing, anybody have any info on who else might be competing?
  5. Looking for a new wrestling related podcast. Besides FRL, Wrestling Changed my Life, Mat Talk, 5 point move, Rudis, Etc, any others to check out?
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