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  1. I have a lot of respect for Mark Manning at Nebraska, but I would like to see Snyder take the reigns. Pennsylvania recruiting pipeline, lots of energy, maybe Nebraska could crack that top 3!.
  2. Anyone else loving John Smith lecturing the Iranian to bridge. "Plant your feet in the mat and bridge son"
  3. How about those ugly ass white brick Scrap Life shoes Gilman and Taylor are wearing.
  4. I have a question about the Stefanowitz match last night. He was put back down after he stood up in Par Terre. What was the reason behind him going back down after he stood up? Also, can anyone answer how many of our RTC's have a dedicated Greco staff. For example, I would be curious to know how much Greco ,Braxton Amos for example, is training at Wisconsin in the college wrestling off season and who is coaching him there. Or Schultz at Arizona State, do they have a dedicated Greco coach there? It would be awesome to see the RTC's invest more in Greco athletes and coaches.
  5. Damn, Kayla with the headoutside single, but didn't switch off to a double or crack down. The Chinese girl wrestled very well
  6. Yeah had 17 seconds. Seems like he used a lot of energy after that failed challenge. Bummer
  7. Damn, Can anyone elaborate on that match? I don' watch a lot of Greco, but it seemed like Poland controlled us the entire match,
  8. This is sweet. Awesome to see a wrestler featured!
  9. I totally agree! Never seen someone that high of caliber gas so hard.
  10. Yianni beats grigorev 7-4. Didn't see the first minute of the match, but Yianni was up 3-0. Lots of attempts from Yianni, but he's extended on the single a lot. I believe all four points from Poland were step outs.
  11. Sounded like he was yelling "THAT WAS A GREAT MATCH" several times.
  12. Hall beats HIdlay 5-4, great match. Hall had the horsepower to compete with Hidlay. Can't wait to watch Hall keep developing in this weight class.
  13. Lujan wins by forfeit. Imar forfeited. Imar was down 9-0 in the semis before he got the pin. There were a few positions Imar gave up 2 in the semis that looked like he still had some shoulder pain.
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