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  1. I believe they awarded 1 pt for a step out and 1 pt for a headbutt (Which was totally bogus )
  2. Definitely didn't look like a head butt. It was a chippy match, Gillman did not need to pressure and go for the last push out. L
  3. So they gave AZE a takedown at the end of the match against Gillman??
  4. i think Askren's point is Kennedy may potentially not wrestle at the NCAA tournament until 2023. Whereas if he transferred he could wrestle as soon as this season.
  5. Awesome wrestling. Bajrang is tough in the front head and has amazing par terre offense and defense. His turk to trap arm is naaaasty and looked painful. I can't believe he didn't get turned with Green's lace. Great match Side note- I know his has always been a point of discussion, but internationally the US needs to score more points in par terre. Bajrang made it look easy.
  6. Typically we have three weeks of preseason.
  7. Yes 3 days is completely inadequate, especially with kids coming right off of holiday break. I'm hoping we will have a march-may season as well, which seems much more reasonable with the current restrictions in Colorado.
  8. I have pretty low confidence with it starting in January. What're peoples thoughts on it getting pushed to a March or April start?
  9. Here in Colorado first practice begins Jan 4th, with first competition Jan 7th. Twelve teams per tournament max, most tournaments are going to a dual tournament format. Not very optimistic about the season starting on time with the most of the counties in the state going to more restrictive measures. Curious where other states are at and how it is going for the states who have started official high school practices.
  10. Just listened for the first time. Good stuff, always happy to hear more insights from high level guys. Keep it up!
  11. Can anyone elaborate on the 1-1 headliner match?
  12. Not registered, but I believe on FRL they said Gilman was competing.
  13. I don't think Yianni's progression has stalled at all. When is the last time he competed? Seemed like he was trying some more misdirection shots. I thought this was the best match I've seen out of all the cards this summer; chicago bts, flo's july card, Sonnen's cage card, etc. Can't wait to see Yianni in "peak" form in April.
  14. Looks like Seth Gross is competing, anybody have any info on who else might be competing?
  15. Looking for a new wrestling related podcast. Besides FRL, Wrestling Changed my Life, Mat Talk, 5 point move, Rudis, Etc, any others to check out?
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