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  1. Fix comes storming back from 6-0 almost gets a takedown but comes up .5 second short Vito holds on 6-5
  2. Francis barely survives 6-6 criteria
  3. I agree, I meant it more from a trials getting canceled last year stand point. Our Par terre is miles and miles behind.
  4. Can we take a moment and appreciate the level of wrestling we're watching! A long time coming!
  5. Stefanowicz with a huge upset against Vera
  6. Good point. Honestly wasn't sure if we would get the JO from a year ago with his movement, timing, and patience, glad we're seeing it. Who do you have tomorrow?
  7. Missed Nolf and Carr any details
  8. Yianni should have been way more offensive, bet hes going to be thinking of that one for awhile. Yianni was up 3-0 at one point. JO gets a step out with 8 seconds left to seal the deal
  9. 4-4 Oliver uo on criteria with 6 seconds left
  10. Great Match, Mckenna looks phenomenal. Zain got to his offense but great job countering by Joey
  11. Mckenna way more offensive only up 2-0
  12. Flash back of NCAA finals with Martin. Different move but Bo is clutch
  13. I agree! Could't belieave Zahid got to the leg!
  14. Bo Nickal OMG. Lifted in the air with a High C and chip whips Zahid for 4. What a match.
  15. Coleman gets the tech in Greco
  16. Only matches tonight are on 2 and 3
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