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  1. I agree there were some terrible stall calls. I'm thinking of Parris shooting when Gable has him on the edge, Gable reattacking, Parris sprawling as they go out of bounds and they ding Parris for a stall. Sometimes they call it continuation sometimes a stall, it's frustrating. Also, guys have gotten really good when riding at dropping to a leg coming up right before the 5 count and then going out of bounds. (Ex, Ferrari) All within the rules but extremely frustrating and boring. I hope there will be some rule changes to address these issues.
  2. the espn command feed center just started. nothing happening though
  3. Warner gets the award for most boring wrestler to watch this weekend, but hes boring and wins. More than Schultz can say this weekend.
  4. Something needs to change with the riding just for time. Also, lets have a pushout point like freestyle.
  5. I agree, Peak Deakin vs Peak Carr is a match I want to see though! Also, I'd love to see him at 165 as well.
  6. Not sure about the hour weigh ins, but why not just wrestle 165? He would definitely be in the mix. I don't understand why guys are still cutting that much weight.
  7. So what're the final thoughts on Deakin?. Personally I don't think he did enough wrestling to be prepared for the NCAA tournament.
  8. Teemer whooping HIdlays ass.
  9. Does anyone have the multiview?
  10. Ferrari interview>Parris's Interview ya know ya know ya know!
  11. My Multiview just says event about to begin
  12. Tough as a Husker fan for sure. Hoping Red, Labriola, and Venz salvage something out of this tournament. Curious to see where Condomitti fits in as well. Has anyone heard if any of the seniors plan on Returning? Red, Venz, and Schultz?
  13. Synder looked good. Too much power for Gabe, anyone know what Synder weighed?
  14. Any details on the Adams /Ferrari match?
  15. I'm in Colorado. We usually have three meets , the third week in December being the "holiday tournaments" before X-mas. There is then a 5 day moratorium Dec 23-28 of no contact with the team. Most tournaments start up again the second Saturday in January.
  16. Awesome video. Need to see another Synder, Saduleav matchup. And J'den, Saduleav fills like the #1 matchup in the world right now.
  17. Curious what some others thoughts are on moving the high school season to second semester. Jan-March in a post covid world. Season would have a better flow and would not interrupted by the holidays. Curious what others thoughts are.
  18. I would love to see wrestling at both the high school and college level moved to the second semester. Open tourneys in January and Feb, duals in March/April with NCAA's at the end of April beginning of May. Curious what others thoughts are, other coaches, former wrestlers?
  19. I believe they awarded 1 pt for a step out and 1 pt for a headbutt (Which was totally bogus )
  20. Definitely didn't look like a head butt. It was a chippy match, Gillman did not need to pressure and go for the last push out. L
  21. So they gave AZE a takedown at the end of the match against Gillman??
  22. i think Askren's point is Kennedy may potentially not wrestle at the NCAA tournament until 2023. Whereas if he transferred he could wrestle as soon as this season.
  23. Awesome wrestling. Bajrang is tough in the front head and has amazing par terre offense and defense. His turk to trap arm is naaaasty and looked painful. I can't believe he didn't get turned with Green's lace. Great match Side note- I know his has always been a point of discussion, but internationally the US needs to score more points in par terre. Bajrang made it look easy.
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