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  1. I actually was just thinking about doing that! For me personally, lining up new guests each week has taken up a ton of time, and I feel as the creator it would be easier for me (and it might be nice for the fans) if I did a solo podcast every other week, or one with John or something. Thanks for the advice and appreciate you listening!
  2. Hey Wrestling Fans, I started a wrestling podcast back in April and do a new episode every Monday with a new guest (usually college wrestlers). At this point I have 29 episodes out with a lot of guys you'll know. I think a lot of the episodes in the vault uncover really cool stuff so I'm gonna share a couple of my best ones. My favorites: Ep. 7 Kyle Conel (his positivity is contagious, I loved this one and Kyle is great) Ep. 9 Evan Wick (I can't believe he eats sushi before every weigh in...) Ep. 16 Albie McKinney (a D3 Finalist that experienced some really sad things) Ep. 22 Dave Malecek (all stories and a wild Dave Schultz story that is hilarious) Ep. 24 Tyler Berger (longer but super good if you enjoy people with strong mentalities.) Ep. 25 Jack Medley (good if you like running, all round great optimistic dude) Ep. 27: Anthony Ashnault (the top episode) Ep. 28: Anthony Echemendia (goes in depth on some of the scary stuff he experienced on his way here) Subscribe to get notified every Monday of who I have on. Here's the links... YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Mqo_QLlQ1CGhIhv7LPM5g Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mat-awareness/id1509095691 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5tRPWEx3HdpzE68PXXPQ0b Thank you.
  3. Don't forget that in his matches with Parris and Gable they were both freestyle. I'm not saying he would have won if they were folkstyle, but his best position in my opinion is top. I did a clinic with him last year (I was the dummy), and he showed stuff on top. The amount of pressure he was able to put on me with legs in made it literally feel like there was an F150 on top of me.
  4. Trent talks about what he needs to do to beat guys like Gable and Parris, his performance at Sen. Nationals, the variety of styles in heavyweight right now, and more. Was great having him on and he's a fun guest to talk to. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChDDo0BS5co&ab_channel=MatAwareness
  5. I was able to interview my former coach Dave Malecek last week and it was all about stories! He talks about training with Mark Schwab, has a story about training with John Oostendorp, and a legendary story about Dave Schultz that I don't think has ever been told before (skip to 31:20). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VefSTTbf0nk You can also find this episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by searching Mat Awareness and listening to episode 22.
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