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  1. those 5 teams were also usually in the top 10
  2. uhhhhhhh where'd ya hear this?!?!?
  3. crazy to have a conference championship tournaments with only 6 guys in a bracket
  4. Noah beat Ferrari 3-2, the kid is for real!
  5. Agee 100% I have zero problem paying the $150 a year but without all the college duals I definitely don't feel I am getting my money's worth. They put out a documentary every few months which is cool but doesn't justify $150. These new Flo cards have been cool, hopefully we see more of that and it will help. When my subscription ends in March I will probably re-up but if it is the same next year I will probably have to think about it continuing
  6. Not gonna be a close dual at all, Penn State only has 1 guaranteed win (Brooks). If Lee and RBY don't win they will get embarrassed
  7. Has Steveson really said this is his last year? He hasn't even won an NCAA title yet and who knows if the tournament even happens with all the craziness
  8. being that it's a "free year" it's a no brainer to get in whatever matches we can and hope for the best and at least have an NCAA tourney
  9. any wrestling is better than no wrestling
  10. I see Rutgers bonus points at 141. If Echemendia doesn't wrestle Seabass gets at least a major and probably a tech. Even if Echemendia wrestles I think Rivera can major him
  11. anywhere Colat goes he will have a top 10 team, he is THAT good of a coach. Navy will be a force very soon
  12. Maryland wrestling has been a train wreck forever
  13. terrible rankings. Oklahoma State #17 dual team lol okay
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