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  1. that is nowhere close to trophy team
  2. He had the tournament of his life. I've seen every match he's wrestled at OSU, I don't want to say he isn't good but he shouldn't be a starter at a school like Oklahoma State
  3. Taco couldn't crack the lineup last year with Geer at 184 and Ferrari at 197 but he did wrestle 2 matches towards the end of the year at 174 when Plott was hurt. Not sure if he can make 174 for a full season or what that would do to him. I was excited for Doucet when they signed him but wasn't impressed with what I saw from him last year, obviously a true freshman so he will improve. As far as heavyweight goes, I actually think AJ is gonna be the future there possibly after this year
  4. Oklahoma State 125 - Trevor Mastrogiovanni: had very solid freshman year. He was a blue chip recruit and should contend for AA in the 5-8 range 133 - Daton Fix: Championship or bust. 141 - Dusty Hone: Solid but unspectacular. If all things go right he could squeeze out a 7/8 AA finish but likely a DNP 149 - Kaden G'fellar: Kid was an absolute stud as a freshman and I don't know what the heck happened after that. Apparently he has been kicked off the team and let back on and hasn't been even close to the same wrestler since his frosh year. If his head is on right he has the talent to AA. I'd prefer to see Gfellar start at 141 and freshman stud Victor Voinovich get the start at 149 157 - Wyatt Sheets: Had a magical run to 8th place from the 33 seed. I think it's unlikely he gets back on the podium DNP 165 - Travis Wittlake: Has been unbelievable his first 2 years going 50-5, he is a threat to make the finals 174 - Dustin Plott: looked really good as a freshman until his shoulder injury, which I think is going to be a problem his whole career. Most likely a DNP. If Taco Montalvo wins the starting spot here I think he has a good chance to AA 184 - Dakota Geer: a solid wrestler you know what you are getting from him, unlikely to crack to top 3 but is almost a guaranteed AA again 197 - AJ Ferrari: Can't wait to see his battles with Amos and a few of the other guys. May not win the title again but should still finish top 4 Hvy - Austin Harris: the hole at heavyweight continues, Kerk decommitting was a big blow for this weight but how they haven't found anyone else yet or hit the transfer portal is mind boggling to me. Gas Tank Gary, Singletary or Nevills would have been a huge upgrade. Harris wrestles hard but is just completely undersized for heavyweight
  5. gotta love how you handpick the best SEC teams against the worst Big 10 teams. Because Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Mississippi State are such great, powerhouse programs
  6. LOL what are you talking about? The PAC 12 is a dumpster fire, by far the worst "Power 5 Conference" and hasn't had a team in the football playoff in years. Also, their own network has been a universal disaster and nobody watches. Boise St has been trying to get into the Pac 12 for years but they are basically a community college so they keep getting rejected. I do think Oklahoma State would be a good addition to the Pac 12 wrestling league which is growing and trending upwards though
  7. If Koll leaves it sets up like a Cinderella story, Dake wins his Gold or Silver and immediately takes over Cornell like he was always meant to do. He's too old for another Olympic cycle, this is his once chance
  8. LOL they won exactly 1 Big 12 wrestling tournament in 2012 I believe, it's not like they have ever been a real threat to OSU. They are a real good team though
  9. except that he has 2 years left which would be '22 and '23
  10. Nickal probably won't be going through another Olympic cycle he is going into MMA. They can spend money on Zain but it's unlikely at this point that he gets past Yianni, Lee etc in 2024. No reason for Nolf to leave, Dake is 30 years old, will be 33-34 at the next Olympics, this is his one shot
  11. he doesn't wrestle the same way in big matches as he does all year long. If you watch all of his matches his offense is awesome, when he has a big match like against Suriano or RBY he just freezes and is afraid to make a mistake. His offense and skillset isn't the problem, it's a problem mentally that he wrestles not to lose when it counts instead of how he does 99% of the time
  12. right now plans are for him to go 197 again next year
  13. First off, 125 is not a hole by any stretch. Mastrogiovanni did a VERY good job this year as a freshman, yes he didn't AA but that doesn't mean the weight is a hole he had an absolutely brutal draw in the tournament losing to DegAugustino in the 1st round and beat Ragusin who I think is really really good. He may not win a title but he will be a 2 or 3 time AA by the time he graduates. If you actually watched the Oklahoma State matches, Harris is pretty bad. Unfortunately he is extremely undersized against these heavy's and is really a 197lber forced to go heavy because there is no one else but he is not even remotely competitive against top 15 guys, he literally had the tournament of his life and I wish he got that AA trophy but he has NEVER shown an ability to compete like that before and I highly doubt he does it again, let alone consistently. You can't even compare the talent level between a guy like Singletary and Harris, it would be a massive upgrade
  14. Oklahoma State has had a huge hole at Heavyweight for a couple years. Singletary or Gas Tank Gary would be a great filler until Ferrari moves up
  15. That is a lineup of 10 All Americans
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