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  1. the new Flo website layout is 100000x better
  2. absolutely filthy lineup from top to bottom
  3. UPenn is really building something, Beard going there would be huge for them
  4. who did Hofstra have in the NCAA semifinals in the last 10 years??
  5. nice pickup for Hoftra, they need to keep local kids like this home. Imagine if Hofstra kept the local kids and had Teemer, Jordan Titus, Liardi, add some upstate kids like SteveO ect into the lineup and they would actually be competitive again
  6. True but that doesn't make you a good coach, and I'm not saying Sammie is a bad coach but he did do a terrible job at West Virginia when he had his chance
  7. if that's true then then this is exactly what MSU needs, to take advantage of top tier recruits who choose better programs at first and flame out. A 5x Michigan State champion was never going to Michigan State, now maybe they can grab him
  8. Poulin was a 3 or 4 time New York State champion and made the world team but people still dump on him because his dad made a video when he was in 3rd grade. He is going to be very good in college wherever that ends up being
  9. you may still end up getting him, not sure that he will crack the lineup at Oklahoma State. Voinovich is the front runner for 149 if G'fellar doesn't come back for one more year
  10. would be a nice plug in at 165 for Rutgers
  11. Daton wrestles at 125.5 for the world team, why would he go 141?
  12. Not everyone will AA, Malik is an AA caliber wrestler a lot of it comes down to the draw and where you fall in wrestle backs. The improvements he has made since his freshman year when he was getting hammered is incredible, and I'm not a Buckeye fan. He's not gonna win a national title but he can and probably will be an AA next year
  13. Fix isn't going 141, he would be more likely to go 125 but for lineup reasons Mastro is a fringe AA at 125 and a good dual meet guy and 141 is Carter Young who considers Fix like a big brother so he isn't going to move up and steal his spot. Carter has a lot of potential, hopefully he gets stronger and can make a little run next year, he was really a 33lber wrestling up this year and it showed
  14. He is the epitome of what you can get through hard work. He isn't the most athletic or talented guy but he willed himself with his work ethic and drive to be a 4x AA and Third Place finisher twice. #respect
  15. these forfeits in the Big 10 finals are an absolute disgrace and ruining the sport
  16. crazy how small the PAC and ACC tournaments are. Only 6 guys in a bracket, winning one bout and you're in the finals lol it's a joke. They should combine them
  17. Steve Mocco 137-6, 4 time NCAA Finalist, 2x NCAA Champ. Could have easily been a 4xer
  18. Also one ever talks about Jake Rosholt (1,3,1,1) who had a pretty damn good career. He wasn't necessarily as dominant as some guys listed but he always found a way to win
  19. For some reason people never mention Alex Dieringer who was basically unstoppable for 3 years to go along with 3 NCAA titles going 97-1 those three years and a career record of 133-4 with a Hodge Trophy.
  20. It doesn't matter, none of the 3 would even qualify for the NCAA Tournament let alone make the podium
  21. unfortunately even if he came back in time it would be doubtful now he would make another NCAA run with his injuries and lack of matches/conditioning at such an important time in the season
  22. Demas would be a good fit at 149 next year at the real Oklahoma school with G'fellar graduating
  23. I don't think Lee is coming back he is gonna get healthy and ready for the 2024 Olympics. He's not gonna risk another injury and another missed opportunity of a Gold for a title that he already has 3 of
  24. To say I have been unimpressed/disappointed in Carter Young this year is an understatement. I thought for sure he was going to contend to get on the podium this year, now I'm not sure if he will qualify for the tournament Also, everyone talking about him going down to 133, when do you think that is going to happen? Mastro and Fix are going to be at 125 and 133 for a while, he will probably never go 133 on this team he should be getting himself stronger for 141 going forward
  25. I don't know if he will keep it as one of the most successful programs ever but supposedly his nephew Chris Perry is next in line. If not him it will be Esposito. For whatever it's worth, Perry has been a great recruiter. What I would do if I was the athletic director is bring back alumni Daniel Cormier to coach the team. He would be AMAZING at recruiting and is already cutting his teeth at one of the top high school programs in the nation. Would also be very happy bringing Coleman Scott back.
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