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  1. I don't know if he will keep it as one of the most successful programs ever but supposedly his nephew Chris Perry is next in line. If not him it will be Esposito. For whatever it's worth, Perry has been a great recruiter. What I would do if I was the athletic director is bring back alumni Daniel Cormier to coach the team. He would be AMAZING at recruiting and is already cutting his teeth at one of the top high school programs in the nation. Would also be very happy bringing Coleman Scott back.
  2. He's 14-5 not everyone is going to be Yianni or Gable. If I had to put money on it I still think he finds his way to the podium this year
  3. He does seemingly not enjoy this like he used to and is turning into the grumpy grandpa
  4. As a Cowboy fan I agree with you. This team is not good, they are over ranked having wrestled a terrible schedule this year (like Mizzou normally is) and are not even close to being a top 4 team at Nationals. They will probably have a bunch of high seeds going in and not wrestle up to those seeds. The only surefire All American's on this team are Fix, Witlake and Ferrari (if he even wrestles). Mastro and Geer can place if they get a good bracket. They have a lot of of holes in their lineup.
  5. what did that retard say?
  6. I pay for all things wrestling to support the sport but at some point somethings got to give, it's becoming too expensive. I pay for Flo, Big 10+, Rockfin, ESPN+, Fubo TV for cable so I can have the Big 10 network and I have season tickets for Rutgers even though I live 3 hours away and can only go to a couple of their duals. Now with the added ppv cost for Rockfin with along to subscribing to their site it feels like a kick in the balls and I'm sure Flo is going to start doing the same thing when they have big events. Since this was made about Flo, I will say that I have been a subscriber for years but definitely feel that there is MUCH less value now for $150 then there used to be, not to mention the constant problems with their site when they actually do have a big even (Oklahoma State vs Penn State etc etc) and I will definitely consider not renewing in March when my subscription is up. As much as I can't wait to see USA/Iran and Oklahoma State vs Iowa, are they going to be able to handle it this time? That is a legitimate question and if there are problems again I am definitely out All that said, I can't wait to sit at home tonight in front of the fireplace on a Friday night and watch Penn State vs Michigan, Iowa vs Ohio State, Nebraska vs Wisconsin and NC State vs Va Tech
  7. New York 125 - Vito 133 - Anthony Sobotker 141- Zach Redding 149- Yianni 157- Jacori Teemer 165- Ricky Stamm 174- 184- Jonathan Loew 197- Hvy- Zachary Knighton-Ward Did this real quick without putting any thought into it, Yianni, Vito and Teemer as a top 3 is pretty salty
  8. any info on tv or streaming for the Mat Men tournament ?
  9. Rokfin doesn't have a streaming app so you can't watch it on tv?
  10. is there any way to watch both mats at once? I was afraid the coverage would be terrible
  11. Why? Lots of guys have only wrestled the 2nd semester. He's not missing anything in Nov and Dec
  12. Or if they put Iowa in the same pool as Virginia Tech since Brands REFUSES to wrestle them lol and they put them against the two worst teams in the tournament. I have zero interest in watching Iowa vs Central Michigan or Lehigh
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but the winner of the red pool doesn't even face the winner of the blue pool, so now Iowa vs Penn State. This is hardly a "National Duals" lol
  14. so now the streaming subscription isn't enough you have to pay for the "ppv" also? GTFOH. At that rate you will be paying more than a Flo subscription anyway, they are just nickel and diming us instead of paying for it all up front (which includes everything)
  15. has there ever been any clarification on what his problem was with Rutgers that he wanted to leave in the first place when he made such a big deal about "going home" Especially once they got Seabass, he would have had an amazing built in elite partner and if you put him at 125 on that team and they may not get a team trophy but they would be pretty close or at least be in the running for one
  16. anyway to get the listings on where to watch each match? I think we had that as a weekly sticky last year
  17. that is nowhere close to trophy team
  18. He had the tournament of his life. I've seen every match he's wrestled at OSU, I don't want to say he isn't good but he shouldn't be a starter at a school like Oklahoma State
  19. Taco couldn't crack the lineup last year with Geer at 184 and Ferrari at 197 but he did wrestle 2 matches towards the end of the year at 174 when Plott was hurt. Not sure if he can make 174 for a full season or what that would do to him. I was excited for Doucet when they signed him but wasn't impressed with what I saw from him last year, obviously a true freshman so he will improve. As far as heavyweight goes, I actually think AJ is gonna be the future there possibly after this year
  20. Oklahoma State 125 - Trevor Mastrogiovanni: had very solid freshman year. He was a blue chip recruit and should contend for AA in the 5-8 range 133 - Daton Fix: Championship or bust. 141 - Dusty Hone: Solid but unspectacular. If all things go right he could squeeze out a 7/8 AA finish but likely a DNP 149 - Kaden G'fellar: Kid was an absolute stud as a freshman and I don't know what the heck happened after that. Apparently he has been kicked off the team and let back on and hasn't been even close to the same wrestler since his frosh year. If his head is on right he has the talent to AA. I'd prefer to see Gfellar start at 141 and freshman stud Victor Voinovich get the start at 149 157 - Wyatt Sheets: Had a magical run to 8th place from the 33 seed. I think it's unlikely he gets back on the podium DNP 165 - Travis Wittlake: Has been unbelievable his first 2 years going 50-5, he is a threat to make the finals 174 - Dustin Plott: looked really good as a freshman until his shoulder injury, which I think is going to be a problem his whole career. Most likely a DNP. If Taco Montalvo wins the starting spot here I think he has a good chance to AA 184 - Dakota Geer: a solid wrestler you know what you are getting from him, unlikely to crack to top 3 but is almost a guaranteed AA again 197 - AJ Ferrari: Can't wait to see his battles with Amos and a few of the other guys. May not win the title again but should still finish top 4 Hvy - Austin Harris: the hole at heavyweight continues, Kerk decommitting was a big blow for this weight but how they haven't found anyone else yet or hit the transfer portal is mind boggling to me. Gas Tank Gary, Singletary or Nevills would have been a huge upgrade. Harris wrestles hard but is just completely undersized for heavyweight
  21. gotta love how you handpick the best SEC teams against the worst Big 10 teams. Because Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Mississippi State are such great, powerhouse programs
  22. LOL what are you talking about? The PAC 12 is a dumpster fire, by far the worst "Power 5 Conference" and hasn't had a team in the football playoff in years. Also, their own network has been a universal disaster and nobody watches. Boise St has been trying to get into the Pac 12 for years but they are basically a community college so they keep getting rejected. I do think Oklahoma State would be a good addition to the Pac 12 wrestling league which is growing and trending upwards though
  23. If Koll leaves it sets up like a Cinderella story, Dake wins his Gold or Silver and immediately takes over Cornell like he was always meant to do. He's too old for another Olympic cycle, this is his once chance
  24. LOL they won exactly 1 Big 12 wrestling tournament in 2012 I believe, it's not like they have ever been a real threat to OSU. They are a real good team though
  25. except that he has 2 years left which would be '22 and '23
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