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  1. Nickal probably won't be going through another Olympic cycle he is going into MMA. They can spend money on Zain but it's unlikely at this point that he gets past Yianni, Lee etc in 2024. No reason for Nolf to leave, Dake is 30 years old, will be 33-34 at the next Olympics, this is his one shot
  2. he doesn't wrestle the same way in big matches as he does all year long. If you watch all of his matches his offense is awesome, when he has a big match like against Suriano or RBY he just freezes and is afraid to make a mistake. His offense and skillset isn't the problem, it's a problem mentally that he wrestles not to lose when it counts instead of how he does 99% of the time
  3. right now plans are for him to go 197 again next year
  4. First off, 125 is not a hole by any stretch. Mastrogiovanni did a VERY good job this year as a freshman, yes he didn't AA but that doesn't mean the weight is a hole he had an absolutely brutal draw in the tournament losing to DegAugustino in the 1st round and beat Ragusin who I think is really really good. He may not win a title but he will be a 2 or 3 time AA by the time he graduates. If you actually watched the Oklahoma State matches, Harris is pretty bad. Unfortunately he is extremely undersized against these heavy's and is really a 197lber forced to go heavy because there is no one else but he is not even remotely competitive against top 15 guys, he literally had the tournament of his life and I wish he got that AA trophy but he has NEVER shown an ability to compete like that before and I highly doubt he does it again, let alone consistently. You can't even compare the talent level between a guy like Singletary and Harris, it would be a massive upgrade
  5. Oklahoma State has had a huge hole at Heavyweight for a couple years. Singletary or Gas Tank Gary would be a great filler until Ferrari moves up
  6. lol completely untrue and a rumor. The Big 12 has zero interest in letting Mizzou back in and saving them after they bolted the conference
  7. too bad I really wanted to see him and Fix and RBY go at it at NCAA's
  8. those 5 teams were also usually in the top 10
  9. uhhhhhhh where'd ya hear this?!?!?
  10. crazy to have a conference championship tournaments with only 6 guys in a bracket
  11. Noah beat Ferrari 3-2, the kid is for real!
  12. Agee 100% I have zero problem paying the $150 a year but without all the college duals I definitely don't feel I am getting my money's worth. They put out a documentary every few months which is cool but doesn't justify $150. These new Flo cards have been cool, hopefully we see more of that and it will help. When my subscription ends in March I will probably re-up but if it is the same next year I will probably have to think about it continuing
  13. Not gonna be a close dual at all, Penn State only has 1 guaranteed win (Brooks). If Lee and RBY don't win they will get embarrassed
  14. Has Steveson really said this is his last year? He hasn't even won an NCAA title yet and who knows if the tournament even happens with all the craziness
  15. being that it's a "free year" it's a no brainer to get in whatever matches we can and hope for the best and at least have an NCAA tourney
  16. I see Rutgers bonus points at 141. If Echemendia doesn't wrestle Seabass gets at least a major and probably a tech. Even if Echemendia wrestles I think Rivera can major him
  17. anywhere Colat goes he will have a top 10 team, he is THAT good of a coach. Navy will be a force very soon
  18. Maryland wrestling has been a train wreck forever
  19. terrible rankings. Oklahoma State #17 dual team lol okay
  20. very disappointing as a wrestling fan, I guess he got his 1 title and is okay with it
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