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  1. I didn't mean for Smith to get fired, I meant that he needed to get rid of those involved (Chris Perry, John's nephew and Derek Fix). Agree that there is almost certainly much more to this story than what was presented to USADA but I have a hard time believing there is a scenario where Derek Fix wasn't involved. It's unfortunate that Ostarine doesn't have an obvious, long-lived metabolite that could have been used to confirm that the low levels found in Daton were truly consistent with accidental ingestion rather than poorly-timed cycling.
  2. Derek Fix apparently does not have the self-awareness to realize regardless of the USADA ruling, he and his son are not going to get the benefit of the doubt with many in the wrestling community. It is unclear to me why Chris Perry had to get brought into hearing but once this became known, John Smith should have cleaned house. For coaches to be dabbling in PEDs on the side (in a best case scenario) and those PEDs were "accidentally" ingested by their star athlete is reckless and should be grounds for dismissal. It would have been an opportunity to bring in the smart pick for successor to Smith's position, Chris Pendleton. But I guess blood is thicker than water--especially with some PEDs...
  3. Glad you are so concerned about aesthetics of my post. So was his podcast called "Martin's anti-vax/anti-science hour"? If not, his words did not "say it all"--you provided a judgement. You litter this forum with a nauseating combination of hubris and Covid half-truths in threads that have nothing to do with it. Reasonable threads degenerate into nonsense because people feel the need to take pot-shots at the "anti-vaxxers". It's a disservice to the forum. The moderators would do well to create a section for Covid, let people have at it and ban those that drag every wrestling thread into Covid virtue-signaling.
  4. The irony is pretty rich when the forum's resident know-nothing know-it-all feels the need to admonish someone for not staying in their lane. Why is it that those accusing others of being "anti vax/anti science" appear to know little about vaccines and science let alone common sense or decency? "The science" is far more nuanced than what Tony Fauci would have you believe--it's surreal that the mouth-breathing MAGAs intuition of this is more on the mark than those who love wagging their fingers at them.
  5. How many of those were originally committed to Cornell? Three?
  6. It's easy to second guess everything after a loss but in hindsight, was it the best idea to bring Yianni as a training partner? Having a larger training partner (like a vaccinated Dean, (dreaming, I know)) would probably have been better for keeping him honest in positions requiring significant power. I have to assume he just has his way with Yianni, especially in the positions he was outclassed in today.
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