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  1. First question I have no idea. Second question, while noble in spirit, the question about utilizing a third party is how can you determine they are truly independent (no kickbacks, etc)? As an example of this in action is the dolphin-free tuna labeling company. They don't actually have any independence, but customers pay extra for the little dolphin free sticker, and it creates a demand. The ones with the sticker are not actually dolphin free. It's all the same. People would wonder about how to establish that there are no conflicts of interest. Good idea though and I think you can probably figure out a way to establish independence to help get around that issue.
  2. Couple upsets over at LockHaven. Luke Werner losing his starting spot?
  3. I guess technically he is. I was thinking of guys who were in high school last year, but I guess that doesn't answer the question about freshman more broadly.
  4. Didn't know that - in that case I guess Shawver should remain starter at 25 for another year.
  5. Finals matchups below - really looking forward to Bassett vs Knox 106: Bo Bassett (PA) vs #1 (113) Anthony Knox (NJ) 113: #2 Luke Lilledahl (MO) vs Jake Crapps (GA) 120: #1 Nathanael Jesuroga (IA) vs #9 Aden Valencia (CA) 126: #4 Cory Land (AL) vs #10 PJ Duke (NY) 132: #1 Nic Bouzakis (PA) vs Koy Buesgens (MN) 138: #8 (132) Beau Mantanona (CA) vs #5 Joel Adams (NE) 145: Cody Chittum (TN) vs #1 Jackson Arrington (PA) 152: #6 Nicco Ruiz (CA) vs #8 Joseph Sealey (NC) 160: #1 Levi Haines (PA) vs #13 M.J. Gaitan (CA) 170: #3 (182) Matthew Singleton (GA) vs #2 Rocco Welsh (PA) 182: #7 Ryder Rogotzke (MN) vs #6 Clayton Whiting (WI) 195: #5 (220) Martin Cosgrove (NJ) vs #5 Rylan Rogers (ID) 220: #1 Christian Carroll (IN) vs #9 Logan Shephard (OH) 285: #3 Chase Horne (GA) vs #10 Keith Miley (MO)
  6. Dean Peterson should also be solid and is actually likely to start at Rutgers (presuming he can beat Shawver)
  7. As far as I know - these would have been the most likely candidates to make an impression at 125: 1) Brett Ungar (Cornell Greyshirt) 2) Richie Figueroa (ASU redshirt) 3) Gary Steen (PSU starter unless Suriano joins)
  8. After missing weight least year, I think I remember Goodale said that Alvarez would never be at 133 again - because he has actually grown a little (I think even in height) since starting college. Given Alvarez is may be the third best wrestler on the team after Seabass and Jon Poz, I would think they would like to ensure all three are able to start. Alvarez going up to 149 is a big jump and would displace Van Brill or someone else - probably not good for the roster. I would be shocked if we saw Seabass at any weight other than 133 this season. edit: I just took a look at the official Rutgers roster page for 2022 and it seems to reflect nothing of what I have written above. Could be they are just waiting to update or I am just flat out wrong
  9. Grown-ups, children, and even those who are somewhere between like Peter Pan. Anyone can think generally if they want to.
  10. Depending on the state of Las Vegas at that point in time I may do a little drive over for the cklv. Only driven through Vegas before. Its really not my sort of place.
  11. I guess the general thinking should be - we want wrestlers to be able to MAXIMIZE their NIL which would be a boost for interest into a sport which has had limited financial opportunities in the past due to a lack of professional league.
  12. I've said it already in other threads, but I don't mind being a broken record. The weight class will be must watch. I can see any of RBY, Fix, Rivera, Micic, Arujau, or DeSanto winning it. And if Suriano ends up at Ohio State or another school where he would go 33, he gets added to the mix as well. DeSanto winning it would admittedly somewhat unlikely, but I'd consider it more than a 1% chance.
  13. That's the most annoying part of this thread. I'm pretty sure Dean Peterson is 25, Seabass 33, Alvarez 41
  14. Abraham Lincoln wrestled. So did his mother
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