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  1. Wonder if they reduce MAC allocations for next year or if we see a repeat of what happened this year
  2. Very cool. I'm sure most of you know this already, but Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto is John Smith's nephew. https://www.win-magazine.com/2018/09/21/mlb-all-star-catcher-realmuto-started-as-young-wrestler/
  3. Should be a pretty closely contested wrestle off between Bulsak and Janzer I would think
  4. What about Cael Valencia - is he too raw to fill in yet at one of those weights?
  5. so is this the projected lineup for ASU or am I missing anyone: 125: Courtney (National 2nd) 133: McGee (National 6th) 141: Parco (National 6th) / Chlebove? (if Parco stays at 149) 149: Vasquez / Crooks? 157: Teemer (National 4th) 165: Valencia (National 8th) 174: Munoz 184: Belshay 197: Norfleet 285: Schultz (National 4th)
  6. Bless him. Thoughts are with his family. Sounds like he was a great guy
  7. Dumb question but what does HEW stand for?
  8. As far as I remember Andrew Donofrio beat everyone he faced in high school except for every time he faced Zach Esposito
  9. Cael being the main one - I'm sure there could be others
  10. You can't be a GOAT if you took a redshirt year. Am I doing this right?
  11. Some good Lehigh Valley mentions in this thread so far including the Ecklof brothers. I would include a couple others: Jeremy Hartrum from Wilson Christian Franco from Whitehall
  12. He said the sole purpose of his wrestling next year is for his brother to win a title. Being at 174 allows his brother to have a more competitive partner in the room at a weight that is closer to make it practical. That was my interpretation.
  13. Any anticipated transfer portal entries as a result of the retirement? Maybe waiting for the other shoe to drop and see who the replacement is?
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