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  1. Very cool. I'm sure most of you know this already, but Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto is John Smith's nephew. https://www.win-magazine.com/2018/09/21/mlb-all-star-catcher-realmuto-started-as-young-wrestler/
  2. Should be a pretty closely contested wrestle off between Bulsak and Janzer I would think
  3. What about Cael Valencia - is he too raw to fill in yet at one of those weights?
  4. so is this the projected lineup for ASU or am I missing anyone: 125: Courtney (National 2nd) 133: McGee (National 6th) 141: Parco (National 6th) / Chlebove? (if Parco stays at 149) 149: Vasquez / Crooks? 157: Teemer (National 4th) 165: Valencia (National 8th) 174: Munoz 184: Belshay 197: Norfleet 285: Schultz (National 4th)
  5. Bless him. Thoughts are with his family. Sounds like he was a great guy
  6. Dumb question but what does HEW stand for?
  7. As far as I remember Andrew Donofrio beat everyone he faced in high school except for every time he faced Zach Esposito
  8. Cael being the main one - I'm sure there could be others
  9. You can't be a GOAT if you took a redshirt year. Am I doing this right?
  10. Some good Lehigh Valley mentions in this thread so far including the Ecklof brothers. I would include a couple others: Jeremy Hartrum from Wilson Christian Franco from Whitehall
  11. He said the sole purpose of his wrestling next year is for his brother to win a title. Being at 174 allows his brother to have a more competitive partner in the room at a weight that is closer to make it practical. That was my interpretation.
  12. Any anticipated transfer portal entries as a result of the retirement? Maybe waiting for the other shoe to drop and see who the replacement is?
  13. Any cliffnotes for those who are not behind the paywall :) Mark Hall I'm guessing would be pretty high up there with six Minnesota state titles.
  14. Alex Meade. Apologies for the grainy video, but he has his way with Frank Molinaro in high school at the Beast:
  15. Incredible run by Ungar. Defeating Gary Steen, Mason Gibson and Richard Figueroa - who were all top ten ranked in the country. Ungar is committed to Cornell I believe. Excited to see him at the next level.
  16. I think you might be a littler savvier than most (or at least than me) when it comes to operating technology. It was a case of me figuring out how to optimize the experience just as the tournament had finished. Ah well.
  17. Would have much rather have watched Zahid bring it to DT versus Bo just submitting to his master
  18. Rau leaving his shoes on the mat
  19. Sounds like a lot of fun - enjoy the event. I'd love to go next time around when my kids are a bit older
  20. I root for guys I like - I don't care about the country vs country stuff for Olympics. I care about the individuals.
  21. I'll root against Taylor if he did that
  22. Hahaha - I have no more reactions left but wanted to give you the proper acknowledgement for the joke
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