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  1. Okay I'm half joking here but I'm having a beer after work and thought that there should exist a wrestling league like other sports....the New york grapplers, the california granbys, the chicago joey gilberts! Meets, playoffs, sponsporships. Hey a guy can dream!
  2. So this wont be on rokfin? I know 30 dollars isn't a lot of money but my brain is having a hard time justifying paying that for this event. A shame because it looks like it will be good.
  3. i forgot to reply to this. I am younger than jimmy by a couple years but he was the man in high school for sure. and i was a 103 muscle guy too so i was like **** yes I wanna be THAT guy! lol
  4. idk man people who cant even punch can make it far. let him take that anger out in the right setting. might be the greatest thing for him lol.
  5. No joke, I love FRL. I didnt think I would but it took me one show and I was hooked. The only thing is the senior nationals recap is just out this week unless you're a subscriber. I will eventually get it, but until then I have to deal with the delay.
  6. Thank you. I didn't realize FLO gave results...I stayed away because I figured without subscription they would give nothing. Hadn't been to the trackwrestling site either so this is a big help.
  7. lol I wonder how long JB had this one loaded up? He must have had this insult ready for years now. They both look goofy.
  8. Okay, so I've been watching wrestling again this year after a long hiatus. I didn't realize how much content there is online, something there was not much of when I graduated HS. So here I am, able to follow the sport and getting into it again. NOW, Q1. IS there a site to get live updates on things like senior nationals? I went to my cottage the weekend of senior nationals and I could not get any sort of live updates. Are there websites that put up a simple bracket for me to see? I remember following the state tournament for IL in like 07, and even then they were updating brackets every match. Q2. Is flo worth it? Are they the clear number one if you really want to follow the sport? If they had monthly payment I probably would have it already but I just don't like that they don't offer it anymore. Thanks guys, I'm really hoping that we put something together for worlds and the olympics goes off next year, fingers crossed.
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