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  1. Worst part is he beat himself. Poland didn't take a shot the entire match, just pushed him around
  2. Enough of the collar tie, get to work
  3. He is a classic "love him when he is on your team, hate him when he is not" type guy. He is a great wrestler and he knows it. Personally I love the antics and I think its entertaining and warranted considering he backs it up but I totally get it rubbing people the wrong way. Agree with Twoooo, helping up people after you dog walk them is one thing in HS but in college I find it hard to believe there are a lot of guys who appreciate that. Comes off as a "sorry I had to do that to you, I am just that good", intended or not.
  4. JO was one of the first guys I remember watching youtube highlights of growing up. He made wrestling exciting (not always easy to do for a kid) and always was a big fan as a result. I remember arguing with my HS coaches about how his style would not translate internationally and he has definitely had some hiccups but super happy to see him finally get his shot at the Olympics.
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