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  1. Thanks for the information and compliments on Carl. I recall of a story from Carl, about wrestling in a Wilkes Open Tournament in about 1968, had to be btw 1965-1969 as those are the years that he wrestled at Old Dominion. Story goes that he wrestled a guy, who was Japanese, that had not lost a match outside of Japan. My brother won by pin, but lost his next match. I remember him telling me that he suffered a broken rib in that match. I have not been able to find the brackets from this match. Wonder if anyone could be of assistance in locating the brackets that would prove out this story.
  2. I am unaware of the NCAA medals ranking system, however, I do know that my brother, Carl Ragland was Old Dominion's 1st National Champ. He won 1st place in the National Tournament in 1969, & was selected as the Most Outstanding Wrestler in the tournament. He also won the "Gorrarian" Award by having the most pins in the tournament. He finished 2nd in the nation in 1966. His overall record was 109-7-1. He was never pinned in his career. He was a 3 X Mason Dixon Outstanding Wrestler, Outstanding Wrestler in Towson Invitational, & Georgia Invitational tournaments - 1965, 2nd in Plebe & Wilkes Open - 1966, Eastern Regional Olympic Champ - 1968, ODC Outstanding Athlete - 1969, Outstanding Athlete by Virginia Beach Sports Club - 1969, Sigma Nu Fraternity Finalist of the Year Award - 1969, listed in "Outstanding College Athletes of America," 1969, highest won/loss percentage of any ODU wrestler in History with a 93% win ratio. He was selected into ODU Hall of Fame in 1983.
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