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  1. Eck-ehh-men-dee-ah Am i missing something? That's 5 ain't it?
  2. End of that match was complete bujiashivili. Definitely shoulda been 2 for vito, imo. Still a really fun match!
  3. I actually didn't know that -- adds a bit of gravity to the situation, have always just seen it as a ridiculous protest haha. Thanks for sharing!
  4. "This dude is praying to the ringworm gods..." Jomboy is a popular Youtuber that does funny expert reviews of baseball and switches to other sports in the offseason. Was funny to see this uploaded today. It made me realize how hard wrestling is to understand to outsiders.. kinda frustrating, tbh
  5. This almost worked out even better than originally planned! Two great cards, really like how they made lemonade outta lemons.
  6. The costs of media rights, video hosting and streaming accessibility aside, real talk: we have a lot of freedom on the internet that we take for granted. For example: while it may suck that we have to pay for strong internet, there's a large number of countries that can't even choose how strong of a connection they want, or what websites they can access. If the price we pay for the free economy is one less pizza delivery a month, I'll take it. If it bothers you that much though, you can get a VPN service - many have free trials, and a decent one is around $10 a month. VPN's will allow you to log in through an IP address pinged from another country and let you watch this kind of stuff. Works for streaming services that block certain shows based by country, too. I'd rather my money go to Flo or Rokfin or Track than ExpressVPN or NordVPN or whatever, but it's up to you. Free economy!
  7. Only chance we got this year is a Marsteller. NCAA's ain't happening. If they did, they'd suck because so few teams would have the resources to properly train & travel right now.
  8. Former wrestlers are getting paid and having fun with the sport that made them who they are today. If it’s just a match or two a card, I ain’t mad. better than watching a 40 year old boxer or MMA fighter having to come back and get knocked tf out to pay some taxes
  9. That’s fair, I first read that as him having a disappointing career instead of just being underwhelming so far. That’s my bad! I think all things considered, he’s about where he should be as a seasoned amateur finally going pro. His trajectory looks a lot like young boxers that have 300 fights by the time they’re 18 and have to get a bit used to fighting grown folks before they acclimate. He’ll be aight. as for the shoe deal - i think it’s for training shoes only, so definitely not as cool as Zahid or Snyder getting a whole shoe.. but a nice thing to put in a Twitter bio or a CV
  10. In basic terms: You subscribe to a channel and get access to the whole platform. You can follow other channels to keep up with their content. The channel you initially subscribed to gets the big share of your $10/month, but revenue is shared across all channels depending on their traffic and activity and etc. There seems to be a lot more nuance to it, but I think all the confusing parts are on the side of Rokfin & content creators. I’m interested in the cryptocurrency approach and would love if some content creators spoke more on it & how it works for them compared to getting paid elsewhere!
  11. Well, the USA has gone 3-5 at his weight since 2016.. I'd say a 7-3 record with college paid for, a Nike shoe deal, and a lot more gas in the tank ain't too much of a disappointment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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