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  1. Yeah, that's fair. I think I'm bein a bit of a zain stan. I do think it's weird that we're still on him, but I guess it's due. It is more personal to us when he comes up short on the US qualification than another wrestler on another continent missing their qualification.
  2. I mean, he'd just beaten McKenna at the Matteo Pellicone two months earlier in Januar along with a real close loss to Bajrang (which, tbf, I think doesn't say much, given they're both always in close matches). I get the logic behind sending Zain - but I do agree that he wasn't the hot wrestler to send. I'm not sure about the picking process for pan ams. They sent Taylor over Downey and Gilman over Fix, and I don't think neither Downey or Fix's sanctions had started yet, so I assume there was some choice involved?
  3. Can't Zain just be Zaining though? He lost at the regional qualifier at the beginning of a global pandemic and we're still ragging on him over a year later, it's weird to me. I get that Pan Ams woulda been a much easier path, but he's not even on the National Team anymore. If JO doesn't qualify the spot next month, is that Zain's fault too?
  4. Y'all have more grace for Bekbulatov than Zain.. hate to see it
  5. Cmon, we can't be down this bad. Oregon has a club wrestling team, so they've probably had a mat room for a long time. Whatever he's talking about, I don't have much faith in it. I can't find anything about any new facility on their campus besides a $200M track & field-only facility, along with a whole ass web domain for their football facilities: http://www.oregongridiron.com/ Let's root for Presbyterian and Little Rock and all the other new teams instead of begging for another big state school to bring back their wrestling team for 3 years.
  6. Can we get a running list of links to the merch for our Olympic team?? I'm having trouble finding websites and gear for most of the team, especially the Greco guys. Figured others might be looking too. WFS: 50KG: Sarah Hildebrandt 53KG: Jacarra Winchester 57KG: Helen Maroulis 62KG: Kayla Miracle 68KG: Tamyra Mensah-Stock 76KG: Adeline Gray MFS: 57KG: Thomas Gilman 65kg: Jordan Oliver 74kg: Kyle Dake 86kg: David Taylor 97kg: Kyle Snyder 125kg: Gable Steveson (I don't know if he can sell merch yet as an NCAA athlete?) Greco: 60KG: Ildar Hafizov 67KG: Alejandro Sancho 77KG: Jesse Porter 85KG: John Stefanowicz 97KG: G'Angelo Hancock 130KG: Adam Coon Team USA Wrestling Gear
  7. Helen Maroulis is at the NLWC now, too. For how boring State College is, they really have a hell of a roster. Great showing this weekend.
  8. 2011 was the first year I started following wrestling, so I really don’t know a wrestling culture without Burroughs. Still pretty depleted by it, to be honest.
  9. Gilman vs Snyder, who you got?
  10. Might be off by a lil but I think McKenna's been in Philly longer than he was in Columbus at this point. I forget when he transferred from Stanford and when he joined the Penn roster. Ohio RTC fans were really quick to claim Cox until he missed weight, too. Crazy how that happens.
  11. Damn, that’s a shame. I was trying to figure out if the WFS wrestlers were still with the HWC because I remember something coming up about funding last year, but I couldn’t find anything, so I figured they were still there because of the club listings on the participants page. Hate to see it
  12. Kayla Miracle has a bye to Final X at 62kg as the defending world team member, so she's at worst gonna be an Olympic alternate. Pretty big.
  13. In a sport that pays little on the professional level, I don't really see why we're so concerned with people's college careers. This ain't the NFL or MLB where you'll get your college paid for if you leave early. A lot of top tier dudes are working as volunteer assistant coaches and getting a tuition stipend while they go to school full time, coach full time, practice full time, and still have to do side work in order to keep wrestling after college. If they get a few extra years of preferential treatment at their institutions before they have to live a full-time minor league lifestyle, let it happen. Don't be a hater lol
  14. I had a feeling you were one of the wrestlers. Good to have you on the forums, Mike. I know they tell wrestlers to not the read this stuff but it gets fun.
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