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  1. This is indisputable: he is tied for #1 for the most World-level Golds in US history. He is, by definition, one of the GOATs of our sport. Everything after that is nuance -- we look at contemporaries, era of competition, style, impact on the sport, etc... typical GOAT talk. Every sport has it. Lebron vs Michael; Mayweather vs Cassius; John vs Jordan. It's what sport is made for. We're lucky to not have any real standouts in our wrestling history in the ways that Russia has Karelin and Saitiev as their unanimous greats, because otherwise, how would the International board on TheMat get any attention??
  2. I hope Penn State and Penn have more matches. Philly is a silently strong D1 base that could really serve local wrestlers that want to compete at the highest level of the sport, but are put off by the PSU dynasty. Would be really cool to see more wrestlers from the tristate going to Drexel and Penn, and maybe even nearby Lehigh and D2 East Stroudsburg. Would also love to see the full Quaker lineup in these shirts:
  3. My crystal ball switched over to folkstyle this month, I’m sorry! was able to find this tweet from awhile ago, but that’s it so far:
  4. When & where is this happening?
  5. Army now kicks off the first month of the season wrestling the top two teams on the road. Awesome opportunity to wrestle in Rec Hall and Carver after a season of no crowds!
  6. I think, at the least, we can agree that John’s world photo feels more classic, and that has to mean something when trying to figure out /the/ GOAT.
  7. Hahahahaha, I got a couple hot takes that I keep in the chamber!! I’ll let em go and keep that in mind. You’re on!
  8. I don't post much, but I'll take that sig bet if that's an open offer. 149-165 brackets fall apart every year and Quincy is nasty. If I win, you have to make your sig along the lines of "Find & support your local Beat the Streets chapter here: https://beatthestreets.org/accredited-programs/"
  9. Cayden Henschel, a second-year freshman at DII Wisconsin-Parkside, just released a vlog chronicling his first college tournament. I'm not much of a vlog person, but I've seen his videos in my recommended listings here and there and it seems pretty cool if you're into it. There's been a lot of discussion about media outlets and their job in growing the sport, but I'm glad to see wrestlers taking agency.
  10. Would you rather be an Olympic Bronze Medalist living in New York City, or an Olympic Bronze Medalist living in State College, Pennsylvania?
  11. He’s a fun guy. If he played football, where most of the stars have wild public personalities, he wouldn’t be considered the anomaly that he is in the conservative and mild mannered wrestling world.
  12. I feel like U23's are taken less seriously than Cadet & Junior Worlds. Between COVID and a really busy world championship calendar this year, I'm not too surprised about the forfeits and general turnout. Glad to have some international styles to watch in the morning before work this week though! Folkstyle picks up this week and we won't have anymore freestyle and greco for a long time.
  13. Can’t tell if Khabib is the new DT or the new Dake on these forums. Excited for either.
  14. Wrestling parents will take off 2 days from work and pay 2 grand for a trip to Vegas for their 6th grade kid to earn All-American honors at a Junior High Nationals tournament before they'll pay $15 a month to watch that same tournament from their phone in 720p. Make it make sense.
  15. You know, up until this week, I've tried refraining from posting USAW front page stuff here because I thought they'd be obvious -- but as we saw in the Humphrey thread, I guess not, lol.
  16. USA Wrestling usually posts D1 results ~weekly around this time. For now, here’s a running list of intramural dates: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/October/21/Division-I-Intrasquad-Schedule hoping to see more wrestle-offs streamed this year, now that folks are more accustomed to virtual events.
  17. Y'all should bring this up to the new Comms person at USA Wrestling. They hired UNC's previous Comms person -- seems pretty solid & new-school; should know a lot about search engine optimization and the like.
  18. Man, I just looked up what’s going on after reading that and seeing all the problems. That’s a damn shame. I know a lot of people that went there forever ago, and I love to see the vibrance in the photos & videos. Chicago State recently had a strong 180 after nearly closing and the athletics are recovering. Hopefully other PBI’s and HBCU’s can do the same!
  19. Cheyney, the country's first HBCU, is right outside of Philly. Imagine if Burroughs started coaching there after he was done competing at Penn with a couple PTRC athletes helping coach while they train in the city. the BTS Philly -> Cheyney pipeline would be nuts.
  20. Exactly — I agree completely. On a macro level, my thinking is that Flo taking a loss on offering a similar product for WFS & GR would lead to better resources and more exposure, which would lead to more interest, leading to a better team. A better product, even — what would it mean for Flo to go out of their way to collect technique from world class Greco coaches overseas and offer the technique videos for free to wrestlers & coaches? Or for them to pay their female wrestlers more to show up for their fight cards? What kind of shift happens when the biggest media outlet in our sport is forcing the shift? again — a pipe dream. Antithetical to FloSports, a company. But feels better to dream than to shrug it off and wait for incremental change.
  21. And it feels like we’ve been talking about where this dude is gonna go for decades. Now it all makes sense!
  22. Have we ruled out the possibility that Nick would want to dabble in astrophysics or planetary sciences??
  23. Did you know that the first person to discover planets outside of our solar system teaches 200-level astronomy at Penn State??
  24. If this is the case, I’d love to hear it from Flo themselves. Something I’ve had to parse out in my head is Flo’s juxtaposition as a media production business with wrestling as a single vertical, and also as the primary tool for the advancement of Olympic wrestling fandom & involvement in the United States. Part of me wants to be mad that they’re not investing in WFS and GR more, because that becomes a self-fulfilling cycle of less interest and thus less revenue or attention. But part of me is trying to accept that wrestling is already a niche sport and that I should be happy that they’re even leaving the computers running for the stream.
  25. Love seeing & hearing the crowd for Greco. Much more animated. So many more languages besides English. Just seems like better wrestling, if but a little less marketable with how technical it can get. After a first round loss to a Moldovan that got teched the next round, I don’t have much hope for the USA team. But I’m still watching. Really wish we had more Greco-knowledgeable folks on the forum, or at USA Wrestling in general. The coverage dropped off so much after MFS was done.
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