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  1. Love Lou. Had some amazing teams, wrestlers, and sons.
  2. Any idea what time the Semi's and Finals are...EST??? or do they just go straight through?
  3. Brackets? Not Brackets reactions. Please post if you have a link to the brackets. Thanks.
  4. I cannot find the brackets???????????? Anyone have them?
  5. Didn't Yanni just have a 5 pointer to end the match the other day?
  6. I just spit out my coffee. Thank you. Would be funny if the situation were not so sad. I lived in Japan for 14 years. My friend just called and said how upset he was that Japan has passed 4000 deaths since March!!!!!!!! We have 4000 a day.
  7. NY had a state champ in P.J. Duke (Carmel/Section I) > Joseph Manfredi (Herricks/Section VIII) technical fall 5:22 23-8 He was 45 - 0 as a 7th grader. Very impressive.
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