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  1. everyone refuses to answer how cox was in the building during weigh ins. other guys are making weight. and he fails to realize weigh ins are going on. COme on. This isnt the first or 100th time he has been in a building during weigh ins. how can any wrestler with half a brain not know weigh ins are going on
  2. no one can answer how cox was in the building with all the wrestlers making weight and failing to realize weigh ins were going on. smh.
  3. was he in the building with the wrestlers during weigh ins, yet not know weigh ins were happening?
  4. is anyone able to explain why all of the other jackson wrestlers were on time and had zero confusion? or how a world class wrestler can be in the same facility with other wrestlers weiging in and not realize weigh ins are going on?
  5. what happened to myers at hvy
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