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  1. That makes zero sense, not even gonna get into it.
  2. It looks like Dylan D'Emilio will likely stay at 141 at this point instead of going 133. If that's the case, we would have a very tough wrestle-off between D'Emilio and Anthony Echemendia. 3x OR state champ Phillip Kue is also a legit addition, but even if he could beat Echemendia with superior folkstyle skills, D'Emilio folds him in my opinion. Dylan D'Emilio: 4x OH state champ with 208-6 record, '15 Cadet Fargo champ and '16 Cadet Pan American Silver medalist Anthony Echemendia: AZ state champ with a 26-0 record, 2x Cuban Senior National medalist, U23 Cuban National champ, 5x age-group Cuban National champ, '19 Fargo champ, '19 WNO champ (freestyle) We know how good Anthony is of a freestyle wrestler, he even came close to beating James Green and would 100% tech either of the other 141 pounders in freestyle no doubt, but is his folkstyle game enough? Not even top-and-bottom, neutral in folkstyle is much different than in freestyle and I highly doubt he can actually avoid getting taken down during the whole season, and even if he could, he doesn't have that big of an edge to let everyone up and surrender a one after he takes them down, that may work against high schoolers, but definitely won't work against legit DI level competition. Nobody but his teammates and people inside the OSU circle know how much his folkstyle has improved since arriving to college, this is all assuming he isn't that big of a freak of nature and his adaptation isn't good enough to top DI athletes of the highest level who have been competing regularly on the ruleset since they were little kids. His athleticism and explosive power probably have been helping him a lot to learn how to escape, but I doubt that will be enough to keep Seabass, Nick Lee or Chad Red (to name a few) off him. He most likely won't be able to hold people down without getting reversed or simply taxing himself unnecessarily if they will get out anyway, and I can't say anything about neutral, never seen someone like him wrestle folkstyle. On the other hand, Dylan has proven himself in folkstyle, but did lose three times to high schoolers as a senior and he also did go 6-2 in open tournaments. He lost 2-7 to Kelan McKenna from Notre Dame, a returning DII All-American, NY state runner-up and class of 2017 graduate. Then lost 2-5 to Julian Chlebove from ASU, a 3x PA state champ and a national prospect in 2019. Very respectable losses though, but I don't see him becoming an All-American if he's the starter this year. Anthony is incredibly explosive and will blast you when you least expect it in freestyle, probably will translate to folkstyle, and I think he holds the advantage over Dylan. If he starts, I think he has a great shot of becoming an All-American this year, maybe place 7th. What do y'all think of this wrestle-off and the potential of the starter for the season?
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