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  1. Max Dean is good but does not look like a Cael/Penn State wrestler. More of a plodder/grinder than the finesse we have seen so much of with the guys. Transfer Portal makes for instant changes in a roster but not necessarily the new guy fitting into the style a school is known for. Takes awhile for a wrestler to get into the groove with a new school and coach. Dean looks to be staying with what he has done before and unless he works more of the Penn State technique and mentality into his wrestling he won't stand on top of the podium at the Big Dance.
  2. Watching Ayala from Iowa - the kid is drinking the Brands Kook Aid big time. Looking good and my bet is he'll AA this year. Suriano will most like AA and place high but from what I am seeing now he has to be very glad Lee is not in the mix this year. He is winning but not looking great in the matches. Nothing like Lee has looked. Can he beat Ayala? Most likely but no guarantee on it. A bit more seasoning for the Iowa kid and it is no better than 70/30.
  3. Cinnebutt asked: "So did Cassar only beat Steveson because he was older than him?" Yep, it is a known fact that older beats younger every time. No doubt about it. When a "younger" wrestler wins it is because in Geological time his spirit is older than the young whippersnapper he just beat. You can quote me on that Cinnebutt - only $2.00 per quote for you until you pay your debts.
  4. The Iowa kid looks as if he can AA this season. Looks tough and smart and drinking the Brands KoolAid by the gallon.
  5. Don't Dis Mel Gibson. He is a 4 time Lethal Weapon who beat Jet Li in his final match! As for DSanto, hope whatever it is works out for the best all the way around.
  6. He is very good, no doubt about it. Watched a match online and on top I thought he should have been called for stalling. Not much action and not much effort at working for a pin. A lot of lay on him & look in control. Easy to do with his skill but the Ref should have dinged him for it. As for The Greats losing matches when younger. Bobby Douglas beat Dan Gable five times. No one starts out on top.
  7. Still waiting for him to wrestle an opponent names Gutz. So far, No Gutz, No Glory.
  8. Burroughs seems to be the heir to Dave Schultz with his popularity in the Soviet Bloc countries.
  9. Don't think you will see Gable against the top guys again. His last second finish for Gold in the Olympics isn't something he will want to try again and the idea of losing most likely kept him away from the World Championships. Why let the American Public and ProSlobCircuit see him as anything but an Olympic Champion. So he plays with the lesser circuit of NCAA wrestling and stays the hero.
  10. Nope. If one lets copyright infringement go unchallenged they can lose the right to enforce it.
  11. Bono was tough as nails on the mat and appears to be on the way to Coaching excellence. Hope he gets his team in the hunt for a run at the top three. Good for the sport.
  12. With Covid, injuries and travel problems of various types no one is a lock this season. Positive test, close contact and you aren't wrestling. Weather delays prevent your showing up, you aren't wrestling.
  13. Problem is that if one does not enforce Copyright they can lose it. We all see the warnings on movies and videos about Copyright infringement, inluding monetary penalties. I have gone after some who thought it was OK to use my work - and won. If they had asked the licensing fees would have been much less than what they had to pay. Do it right or face the real possibility of legal action - including your internet site being shut down.
  14. Many sure do seem to take a lot of effort to support the guy. If you don't get permission, paid or free - you don't use the stuff, absent clear "Fair Use". Some need to be reminded that this type of thing is illegal.
  15. So many working hard to justify Theft of intellectual property.
  16. Mexico is not a "New Country". He may wrestle for Mexico rather than the USA but it is just a different country, not a "new" one.
  17. 6 in a Row, first while still in College. John Smith is still #1.
  18. Mark Schultz. One time California State Champion(only HS tournament he won) and 3 time NCAA Champion.
  19. How about Mark Schultz? Moved up and beat 2X Champ Ed Banach - as well as former Champ Matt Reiss. Schultz 16-8 win is one of the all time entertaining wins in NCAA history.
  20. I'll go for 6 Gold, one every time out. Takes nothing away from Jordan Burroughs or Baumgardner at all. Add in John Smiths recognition for technical excellence and you have a winner.
  21. There is the fact that experience and maturity dictate a different approach to winning. Get a lead and keep it rather than Get a lead and keep piling up the points. Younger wrestlers often keep piling on the points while more mature wrestlers often let it ride once they are winning. The goal is the win, not putting on a show. Against top competition results can change fast and one big move means you are suddenly losing. So, get a lead and block out your opponent while only making another move when it is easy to do so rather than taking a chance. See the Sadulaev pin against Snyder compared to the current win where he got a lead and that was basically the match. The fact it looked like a seasoned wrestler against a big High School kid tell me it could have been a 10 point win - if Sadulaev had pushed it, it really looked that easy. We see big wins against lesser opponents, not usually against top competition. Lower weights seem to have more of it than the heavier guys. Age and athleticism plays a part with John Smith and other multi time greats the outliers. Their technique was so superior to opponents they could drill moves in a match without the worry of losing. Maybe "getting caught" on occasion - but knowing anything less than a pin was something they could overcome with their technique and drive. Then we have the Coaches. Top coaching talent is rare. Getting the best from their wrestlers is tough with so many different styles and body types on a team. Cael & Co are doing a good job overall but Snyder would benefit greatly from lengthy sessions with John Smith and Dan Gable. Smith for technique and refinement and Gable for mental toughness - both would be good complements to his current coaching. The US does not have great leadership on a consistent basis and that hurts our program. That we have so many doing well is a testament to individual wrestlers in spite of our National team coaches. Cael without Cunningham? On the College level I think it would mean Penn State is a step lower on the ladder. Team USA with specialized individual coaches matched to the wrestlers - whether a Smith, Gable or whomever - can only help. Yes, I am prejudiced in this. I am also from the Uetake/Gable era in College wrestling. I watched our guys pick up the pace big time when Danny Gable was on the Olympic and World team and then as he went into coaching. I watched John Smith go from high level to "other world" level and now as he was a commentator during the Olympics. This type of talent in the coaching ranks is being wasted. Put them with Cael, our current World team coaches and start refining our wrestlers rather than just pushing them. Match the coaching to the physical skills and many of our aging wrestlers will have a few more good years left.
  22. Every State should have its top State University offer sports that are supported with High School programs. Most States offer Wrestling in High School so should have a University with a wrestling team. Not having it tells these kids they are not valued and not wanted.
  23. Rulon on staff - assuming he doesn't go hiking or biking or snowmobiling and gets lost. He had a good career on the mat but is snakebit in his personal life. Do you think he can do a good job coaching? Any actual track record we of success we can see? I hope he does well as a good wrestling program with success would be good for Western US wrestling.
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