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  1. I don’t like to make up threads for the sake of making threads but I thought it would be worthwhile to acknowledge what the wrestlers/coaches/trainers/game day ops, etc. had to go through this year for the NCAA Championship to happen. This was certainly not the season anybody envisioned when they signed their letter of intent. All college athletes had their challenges but wrestling was deemed a high-risk sport that was also a winter sport so these guys really couldn’t slip from the time they stepped on campus. From daily testing, training room protocols, match protocols, social interactions, etc., this is not how anybody envisions their college experience. Some schools missed matches but everybody was dialed in for the NCAA Tournament. I was actually talking with an athletic administrator today. They were obviously aware of wrestling but they were admittedly not a “lifer” or “close follower” of the sport. They were just so impressed with the interviews of the kids after the finals and how much commitment it takes to be great. The other thing they mentioned was how impressive it was that not a single positive test among any of the tier I personnel at the tournament happened. I think even I am guilty of taking for granted just how committed these guys are to their sports but the fact that every single member of every team lived this lifestyle during the past few months was certainly appreciated by that person. It is also not lost on administrators that the NCAA basketball tournament already had an entire team (plus individuals on other teams) out of the tournament for COVID and there was none of that in wrestling. It’s just a great reminder of how much this means to all these kids that they completely altered their life for this sport and didn’t think twice about it. So to every wrestler who put it on the line this year, I want to thank you for giving the fans that greatest entertainment we could have hoped for. If you are graduating this year, the lessons you learned in the greatest sport will stay with you the rest of your life. If you are coming back, I look forward to watching you continue pursuit of your dreams!
  2. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=602346132 Bobby Heald of Army out. They just moved everybody up one seed.
  3. Testing started today and I assume they are doing it everyday. Today is the interesting day because I believe they are not allowed out of their hotel rooms. When the get a second negative test tomorrow I think they can start to work out again.
  4. 125-157 and 165-285. I think I heard somewhere that 157 can't even warm up with 165 since they are supposed to be in different sessions until Friday night when all the weights come together.
  5. For somebody who has ESPN+, can you get the quad box on your computer? Regular ESPN3 I cannot get this view.
  6. Wrestlestat has three different ones for free with an account: https://www.wrestlestat.com/tourneypool/hub
  7. The real question is did ESPN do away with the quad box or is there a way to still get that?
  8. All the mats for all four sessions that day are up. For some reason, it shows up for me if you select all sports but it doesn't show up if you select wrestling only that day. Seems to be normal on Friday and Saturday. However, it is listed as a wrestling event on Thursday so must be some kind of website glitch: https://www.espn.com/watch/schedule/_/type/upcoming/startDate/20210318 EDIT: I now see the header on Thursday is listed as NCAA wrestling and the header on Friday and Saturday is listed as wrestling so must have mislabeled Thursday.
  9. I don't even know why Jordan Burroughs wasted his time with wrestling. He lost 20 matches in college.
  10. Interesting thing I saw in the video somebody posted about championship management that I believe all scratches need to be within 24 hours after the release of the brackets and then they are final since they alternates are not going to be allowed to travel to the championships this year. Hopefully everybody is healthy but that leaves a full week of guys dropping out and being unable to replaced if I understood that correctly.
  11. Bartlett has him in the final coaches ranking #29 vs. #30: https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/2021DIWR_CoachRank_Final.pdf
  12. Don't know if this is true or not but for the sake of discussion I think Bartlett and Scott are the next two (totally my guess). Head-to-head: 0 pts for either Quality wins: Scott had 1, Bartlett 0 since Valdiviez was at 141 20 pts. for Scott Coach Rank: 15 points for Bartlett #29 vs. #30 Conference finish: Scott was one of allocated total: Scott 10 pts. Common opponents: none, 0 pts. Win percentage: Bartlett 4-3 at 149, Scott 6-6, 10 pts. for Bartlett 30-25 in favor of Scott if I did the points correctly. Seems like Scott gets a lot of points for a very low quality win opponent while Bartlett gets all his points from being 1 spot higher in the rankings and 1 match above .500 so I don't know how much they go by math and how much is discussion.
  13. Give credit to the guy whose initial work I stole to create the conference brackets https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/2021-ncaa-interactive-bracket.351303/
  14. For stat nerds like me. There were 26 guys not in the final coaches ranking who advanced to NCAAs. They are listed by seed 125: #32 Patrick McCormick (UVA), #33 Kysen Terukina (ISU) 133: #32 Cole Rhone (BLOOM), #33 Bryce West (NIU) 141: #24 Connor McGonagle (LEH), #31 Julian Flores (DREX), #33 Vinny Vespa (HOF) 149: #26 Anthony Cheloni (NIU), #29 Kody Komara (KSU), #30 Marcus Robinson (CLVST), #33 Greg Gaxiola (HOF) 157: #32 Michael Petite (BUFF), #33 Luca Frinzi (LEH) 165: #29 Brian Meyer (LEH), #33 Austin Yant (NIU) 174: #28 Timothy Fitzpatrick (AMER), #31 Jake Logan (LEH), #33 Jacob Nolan (BING) 184: #23 Charles Small (HOF), #28 Dylan Ammerman (LEH), #33 Joe Accousti (SHU) 197: #27 Nick Stemmet (STAN), #29 Colin McCracken (KSU), #30 Trey Rogers (HOF), #32 Logan Andrew (UTC), 285: #33 Taye Ghadiali (CAMP) By conference: ACC (1), Big 12 (2), Big Ten (0), EIWA (13), MAC (7), PAC 12 (1), SoCon (2) The following guys were in the final coaches ranking but did not get a bid 125: #26 Justin Cardani (ILL), #31 Cody Phippen (AF) 133: #20 Haiden Drury (FS), #31 Job Greenwood (WYO) 141: #24 Sam Hillegas (VT), #29 Dylan Droegemueller (NDSU), #31 Derek Spann (BUF) 149: #29 Beau Bartlett (PSU), #30 Ed Scott (NCST), #31 Cameron Hunsaker (UVU), #33 Selwyn Porter (CIT) 157: #28 Wyatt Sheets (OKST), #33 Elijah Cleary (OSU) 165: #31 Nick South (IND), #32 Dazjon Casto (CIT) 174: #30 Julien Broderson (ISU), #31 Jared Krattiger (WISC), #33 Cade King (SDSU) 184: #27 Michael Battista (UVA), #29 Darrien Roberts (OKLA), #33 Cade Belshay (ASU) 197: #24 Gavin Hoffman (OSU), #30 Matt Wroblewski (ILL), #31 Jacob Seely (UNCO), #33 Gage Braun (NIU) 285: #32 Colton McKiernan (SIUE) By conference: ACC (3), Big 12 (10), Big Ten (7), EIWA (0), MAC (3), PAC 12 (1), SoCon (2) Guys whose ranking was most different from seeds. I modified the coaches ranking for example at 125, #27 became #26 since Cardini didn't make the field, etc. -10 spots in seeding: Andrew Alirez (UNCO), Markus Hartman (ARMY), Jake Woodley (OKLA), Billy Janzer (RUT) -7 spots: Andrew Gunning (UNC) -6 spots: Robert Howard (PSU), Joshua Heil (CAMP), Kennedy Monday (UNC), Drew Hughes (MSU) -5 spots: Tate Orndorff (OSU), Chase Zollman (WYO), Yahya Thomas (NU), Justin Ruffin (SIUE), Shane Griffith (STAN), Samuel Colbray (ISU) +8 spots: Charles Small (HOF), Luke Weber (NDSU) +7 spots: Connor McGonagle (LEH), Jeremiah Kent (MIZZ) +6 spots: Kyle Parco (FS), Benjamin Pasiuk (ARMY) +5 spots: Johnny Lovett (CMU), Luke Nichter (DREX), Nicholas Palumbo (SHU) By conference: ACC (-30 seeds dropped cumulative), Big 12 (-10), Big 10 (-78), EIWA (+60), MAC (+44), PAC 12 (+5), SoCon (+9)
  15. Does anybody know what time the at-larges are going to be released?
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