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  1. Alek Martin in this year’s recruiting class is ranked higher. I’d say Berge is a similar level of recruit as Cade DeVos.
  2. Sorry, didn’t mean to quote you. Was meant more towards the one saying it’s about Pennsylvania/ Mid-Atlantic talent.
  3. Do you think 18 year old Gable is the same as 21 year old Gable? Truth is that Cassar reaches his peak at 23 by beating an 18 year old Gable Steveson, Gable is 21 and has an Olympic gold and most wrestling experts think he hasn’t reached his peak.
  4. By 2028 Pokémon will probably be an Olympic sport, he has options.
  5. Check birthdates genius. Did Cassar win his title prior to March 9, 2019? If not, he was 23. Gable had certainly yet to turn 19 by then.
  6. And 2 of them weren’t from Pennsylvania. and if I dare say, Indiana and Ohio are considered Midwest.
  7. Gable is 2 years younger now than what Cassar was when he won his title.
  8. PSU fans act like Cassar rolled Gable up like Nolf over Jake Short. Truth is, he beat him by the narrowest of margins twice (would have gotten his ass kicked with freestyle rule set). Cassar also took a loss to Derek White, Gable hasn’t lost to someone like White since he turned 14.
  9. Brady Berge going to SDSU gives them the perfect platter of J Rob, Koll and Schwab with Cael’s secret sauce to top it off.
  10. Or we could say that Bubba Jenkins pinned an Olympic champion.
  11. Wouldn’t have worked out well for Gilman
  12. Some RTC’s seem to be working well for foreign delegations as well.
  13. Perhaps he needed to be training with Gable, Nelson and Brandvold?
  14. Like Gable, Lee, McKee, Sparks and Salazar.
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