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  1. I noticed Verk was honored at Senior night. A project Cael wasn’t able to complete.
  2. After seeing Bartlett tonight, I’d say Bearclaw is going to be a nice room guy for the next 4 years.
  3. And Bartlett is going to be the next Retherford, just goes to show what Cael will be able to do with Bearclaw
  4. Probably the next Nolf or Taylor with the way Cael develops talent.
  5. Real Woods has not yet certified according to trackwrestling.
  6. That was a quick slap of the mat.
  7. Some new commentators for the Nebraska dual that know wrestling.
  8. I’d go with the guy who has teched Warner and majored Schultz.
  9. Bono decides to duck at Heavyweight
  10. I think he’ll finish 4th in the Big 12.
  11. Gopher backups were 15-1 in extra matches at this event. The only loss was Jake Bergeland dropping a 4-3 decision to Griffin Parriott.
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