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  1. Heard today that the tournament hired Teague Moore to help with the meet and the teams. Great to see him land on his feet after getting screwed at American.
  2. Keep in mind that in the sport of wrestling, prior to the transfer portal, you could transfer without penalty already. Let's not make it seem like the athletes had no choices. They have always been allowed to transfer and not sit out. What this does now is create an environment where the coaches can freely "poach" athletes that want a better deal or need to leave due to disciplinary reasons. I do not agree with it as the previous rules already allowed for transfers.
  3. I have been to Reno....wasn't really impressed with the city. Now if they had a tournament in Lake Tahoe....
  4. I have not been! That sounds great. Any links? I would be down for this. We have a group of about 12 of us that travel together!
  5. The entire transfer portal has created a Free Agency market in the sport. I think it is bad for the NCAA. What we had before was fine. Now you have every disgruntled kid threatening to head to the portal.
  6. That article is from May. If you read it, it says that all the incidents were not locals and they responded. I was there on my golf vacation right after that article was written and there were no issues and no streets closed. Clearly you are trying to make some sort of point. Maybe we should all head to Dade County and South Beach and check out the crime? The point is there are very few places that are actual destinations for wrestling. You are trying to make some sort of point about Myrtle Beach and I am just saying I have been there dozens of times and never saw a thing unless it was biker week.
  7. You claim that you were there in June and this happened and yet that article is from 2017. Not sure what your issue is but, like I said, they won't miss your negativity. I know we would be there and hope they get some great matchups.
  8. I was in MB in June (5-14) on a 10-day golf excursion. Did not hear a word about this? There is also no real "downtown". The beach is about 60-miles long. Regardless, I am down for golf and wrestling. You don't have to go. I doubt the city will care either way.
  9. I forgot about South Beach. I have never been to watch. I cannot afford to head that far South. Aloha Open as well. Regardless it is nice to see new tournaments popping up.
  10. With four legit contenders for titles, you have to at least consider including them in the conversation. However, it will take everything being a perfect scenario for them and that never happens in tournament style events.
  11. I remember when schools like Arizona State and Alabama-Huntsville decided to elevate their club hockey programs to varsity status. Everyone thought they were crazy. NOw they are some of the top programs in the nation. I think it would be a quick jump if Florida State added wrestling. These schools attract top athletes regardless of the sport.
  12. There is a new college wrestling tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC at the MB Convention Center. It is the 2nd weekend in December and apparently is both men and women. According to a post by the director, it is sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Tourism (they do the Myrtle Beach Bowl and other events). They apparently have a bunch of ranked teams for men and women. I will be heading with the boys for some golf and wrestling!
  13. I love it! I hope they really get some traction!
  14. A good friend of mine owns a live event company (concerts and sports) and he just posted that he has partnered with the tourism department in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to start a new college wrestling tournament at the Convention Center. It will be a weekend of both men's and women's duals and weight class. I have been to MB many times on Spring Break. Great destination. Convention Center is downtown (I have not been to it) and a few blocks from ocean. Apparently they already have commitments from top teams and they are putting money into making it a big event. They are going to have a golf package for the fans. I have followed college wrestling for 30 years and, outside of Vegas, is there ever any tournaments in vacation destinations? Looking forward to this! It is called the Brawl at the Beach. I don't have any more information than this but sounds awesome.
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