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  1. It would be super cool if they could hold an All-Star college dual meet challenge by home state. The above duals would be awesome to see.
  2. You are wrong about this. Minimum circle diameter is 32 feet and maximum is 42 feet.
  3. Y'all can want a push-out, but the reality is your opinions don't matter at all when it comes to rule changes. The coaches decide on this and it gets unanimously voted down each time it is presented. I'm talking 80%+ vote against it. Therefore, this entire thread is irrelevant.
  4. Technical difficulties. Video system was down. Not the fault of the officials involved.
  5. The rule is called "Neutral Danger Zone" for a reason. It only applies when the wrestlers are in the neutral position.
  6. The Neutral Danger protocol is that the action needs to settle there beyond reaction time and then the official will verbally announce "Danger" followed by the color of the wrestler in danger. Once "Danger" has been announced it is then followed by a three count. So, it should realistically be more like a 5-6 second scenario.
  7. If both wrestlers are in Neutral Danger, then there is no count.
  8. Learn the rules, guys. You get reaction time on mat returns to break the lock. This was not locked hands beyond reaction time. The correct call was made.
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