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  1. Yawn. What a bunch of buildup for nothing.
  2. Absolutely true, but it's worth pointing out that Stanford has an AD who has been clearly and publicly outted as dirty and hasn't lost his job yet.
  3. Then there will be more resources left over for the 75% of us who survive. Edit: obv that 25% number is dramatically inflated, only the fringiest of the fringe people are anti-vaxxers. They might reach double digits, but nowhere near 25%.
  4. Found the Stanford AD's burner
  5. The Big 12 and MAC tournaments both just got way more fun to watch
  6. What's the point of ignoring users if their threads are still visible? Is there a better way to do it?
  7. Yeah, I can't see another reasonable explanation for the fight being stopped under such fishy circumstances.
  8. Some truly asinine takes on here haha. How is it embarrassing to lose the equivalent of a scripted WWE match?
  9. I know I heard it somewhere yesterday, maybe FRL? Don't know if it's verified or not.
  10. National champ and national finalist transferring in = "a couple things falling into place"
  11. With a couple of realistic transfers, 174 could go from the worst weight class in the ACC to the best. Hidlay, Griffith, Mekhi, McNally, Cody Howard, Finesilver
  12. You are giving those posters way too much credit. Their intent was clearly to say there's nothing special about five black wrestlers winning natties. @jross your second post was awesome though. As white folks our natural first reaction is usually to bristle and push back at stuff like this because "why does everything have to be about race?" What we don't think about is that while race is maybe something we don't think about daily, the five young men in that picture have never had that luxury for a single day in their life. For people who struggle with that (me, sometimes): talk less and listen more.
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