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    DBHoops got a reaction from potentiallydangerous in Purdue tops Nebraska   
    They're nice cyclists, too. 
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    DBHoops reacted to NJW in Wrestling media is toxic   
    It’s really pathetic. Willie is clearly very difficult to work with, not sure what his deal is. Had a huge ugly falling out with Flo, now Corby… there is a clear pattern here. 
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    DBHoops reacted to MizzouGrad in Wrestling media is toxic   
    Feeling frustrated after watching the fallout with Willie & Corby paired with Mineo tweeting rumors with zero sourcing. 
    Why is the wrestling media so bad? Zero credibility, zero accountability, constant feuding, and it all makes our sport look so pathetic. 
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    DBHoops reacted to SetonHallPirate in Wyoming   
    Which is why I always cringe when I see wrestlers choose bottom when they have 1:01 in riding time entering the third in a one-point match.
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    DBHoops reacted to IronChef in Wyoming   
    I quoted this year's rules to you. He could have picked neutral tonight, and I think it would have been the right decision.
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    DBHoops reacted to Fletcher in Arujau going 125   
    I don't know - I'm sure you're right. I just hate freestyle and use every opportunity to drag it.
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    DBHoops reacted to bnwtwg in WWE Signs Ferrari, Parris   
    You guys make it to the 2nd period?! - Luke Luffman
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    DBHoops reacted to ionel in WWE Signs Ferrari, Parris   
    Am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit sexist to list the weight of the guys and not the gals?  ;_;
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    DBHoops reacted to NJDan in Does Marinelli AA This Year?   
    I would say that being the first seed in two NCAA tournaments (or is it three) is a good predictor of future success, no matter how well you actually did. So I believe the Bull has good prospects. I say that tho I am not a fan, given his Bible thumping.
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    DBHoops got a reaction from nhs67 in Cornell at Cliff Keen   
    Vito between weights, methinks
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    DBHoops reacted to nhs67 in Coleman Scott - Care to explain??   
    You are asking why the team who has had, BY FAR, the most difficult dual slate thus far this season decided to sit a few of their guys for one dual?  Clarke and Sherman had already been in two fist fights each already that day.
    It isn't the Brands Bros coaching UNC so it isn't a duck.
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    DBHoops reacted to nhs67 in Jesse Dellevechia (sp?)   
    It is unusual for post-collegians who have eligibility left to compete there though, right?
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    DBHoops reacted to flyingcement in Garden State Grapple   
    Zack Sherman, a very good wrestler, has lost all four of his matches this season against division one opponents.  On the surface, it sounds rough, and I'm sure he would have preferred a few victories. But digging a little deeper, I actually tip my cap to him for taking on four consecutive ranked opponents in the age when it is common to duck.  He lost by one point to Sammy Sasso (ranked 2nd ) in a very close match.  Lost by a point to Ridge Lovett (ranked 13th) and in sudden death to Josh Heil (ranked 15th).  Tonight he went down to Austin Gomez who looks great at 149, but had been ranked 19th.  Tough stretch for Sherman who is also due to face off with John Millner (ranked 9th) of App State in just a few weeks 
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    DBHoops reacted to Mphillips in D-1 Week in Preview, November 22-28   
    11:00 am Arizona State, Wyoming at Cowboy Open FLO
    1:00 pm Drexel at Little Rock  https://lrtrojans.com/watch/?Live=417&type=Live
    2:00 pm Army West Point at Iowa State ESPN+
    3:00 pm Oregon State at Iowa B1G+ Oregon is out, Army is in.
    4:00 pm California Baptist at Iowa State ESPN+
    5:30 pm Hofstra vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+
    5:30 pm North Carolina vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+
    7:30 pm Hofstra vs. Wisconsin - Newark, NJ B1G+
    7:30 pm North Carolina vs. Rutgers - Newark, NJ B1G+
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    DBHoops reacted to gobraves101905 in Teemer and Norfleet not wrestling at the Cowboy Open today?   
    Well. Cael just majored Coleman at 174. 
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    DBHoops reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Jonathan Fagen ?   
    He's an old dude - not sharp as he was.
    But still 1000x better than that hateful self-important Trump clown. It's been a big upgrade.
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    DBHoops reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in flo’s excuse to stay relevant… “watch party”   
    if only we Flo could be the monopoly we are sometimes called, then we wouldn't have to make up excuses to stay relevant. alas, BTN, ESPN, NBC and Rokfin have exclusive media rights to some of the biggest and most popular wrestling events which precludes them from being streamed on Flo.
    Flo still has a pretty kick ass college lineup tho, imo. CKLV, Scuffle, EIWAs, UNI, Wyoming, South Dakota State, Drexel, Utah Valley, Northern Colorado, Edinboro, Air Force and we just recently signed a deal with Lehigh. Plus UWW, USAW, some other college events, all the high school events etc, etc. Your milage may vary tho.
    anyway, I'll be on this so-called "watch party" on friday with @Jon_Kozak the only other person at Flo that still frequents this message board, and we're going to talk about every single mean thing you all say about us on the stream.
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    DBHoops reacted to Elevator in Some Journeyman Results   
    Some interesting matches today in a two pool (6 wrestlers) format per bracket.   Many weights had five or more brackets (A,B,C,D,E, etc) - not sure but seems like the A pools were the higher seeded guys.  
    Jaret Lane looked pretty good for Lehigh with 3 pins at 125 to win 125A.
    Michael Colaiocco won the day at 133A bracket including wins over Shaner of Oregon State and a closer match (4-0) over Devan Turner of Oregon State for 1st.
    Desden Simon of CMU 12-7 over Willits for 1st in the 141A bracket.  141B was won by Tom Deck of Army (cool wrestlename) 7-5 over Andrew Marten of CMU.
    PJ Ogunsanya won 6-3 over CMU's Munson for #1 at 149A.  He had a 15-4 major over Hoffman of Lehigh and a pin in the pool round.
    Johnny Lovett of CMU 4-2 over Hunter Willits of OSU for 1st at 157A.  In earlier pool wrestling, Penn's Doug Zapf beat All American Josh Humphreys 9-8 with 3 td's in the third and then Humphrey's med forfeited out for the day.  Hope he is ok - did not obviously look injured in his last match.
    Brian Meyer of Lehigh won his pool and beat Lucas Revano of Penn 2-1 for 1st among 6 wrestler of the 165A pools.  Noah Grover of Buffalo beat his teammate Nivison for 1st at 165B.  Dalton Harkins (frosh) for Army won at 165C. 
    Josh Kim had a good day for Harvard at 174A - 2-1 over Reece Heller of Hofstra. Nick Incontrerra (Penn) won the 174B weight - 13-2 in the final over OSU's Olmos.
    Brad Laughlin of Army won 184A 3-2 over Charles Small of Hofstra.  1184 B was won by Donovan Ball of Penn State, 3-2 over McKinney of OSU.
    Michael Beard looked pretty sharp at 197A with three strong wins, including a major over JT Brown of Army.  He scores a lot of points.  Harvard's Nick Marcenelle won 197B over Cade Dalwitz of CMU. 
    Jordan Wood opened up strong with a 4-0 over Gas Tank Gary and 3-1 over Stencel and won 285A (I think just those 3).   Hofstra's Zach Knightom-Ward beat Penn's Ben Goldin 10-6 for 1st in the 285B pool.  There were a ton of other 185 pools and many other pools at the above weights.
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    DBHoops reacted to VakAttack in O’toole   
    While I very much want Marinelli to win a title on his way out, I also think O'Toole is THE guy this year.  Just a next level kind of wrestler, does things others can't.
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    DBHoops reacted to moodybooty in Hildebrandt at psu   
    Would you rather be an Olympic Bronze Medalist living in New York City, or an Olympic Bronze Medalist living in State College, Pennsylvania?
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    DBHoops reacted to SetonHallPirate in D-1 Week in Preview, November 8-14   
    All times Eastern, with local times in parenthesis.
    *Eligible for a one-pound weight allowance.
    Wednesday, November 10:
    Franklin & Marshall at Elizabethtown, 7:00 PM
    Thursday, November 11:
    Chadron State at Nebraska, 7:00 PM (6:00 PM)
    Missouri at North Dakota State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)
    Nebraska-Kearney at Nebraska, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)
    Friday, November 12:
    Pittsburgh at Buffalo, 7:00 PM
    Virginia at Maryland, 7:00 PM
    Little Rock vs. Wisconsin at Wisconsin-La Crosse, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)
    Saturday, November 13:
    Chattanooga at Davidson, 10:00 AM
    Clarion vs. Rutgers at Davidson, 10:00 AM
    Bellarmine at George Mason, 10:00 AM
    Bucknell vs. Averett at George Mason, 10:00 AM
    Northern Iowa at Grand View Open, Pleasant Hill, IA, 10:00 AM (9:00 AM)
    Minnesota, North Dakota State, South Dakota State at Bison Open, hosted by North Dakota State, 11:00 AM (10:00 AM)
    Chattanooga vs. Clarion at Davidson, 11:30 AM
    Rutgers at Davidson, 11:30 AM
    Bellarmine vs. Averett at George Mason, 11:30 AM
    Bucknell at George Mason, 11:30 AM
    Chattanooga vs. Rutgers at Davidson, 1:00 PM
    Clarion at Davidson, 1:00 PM
    Bellarmine vs. Bucknell at George Mason, 1:00 PM
    Averett at George Mason, 1:00 PM
    Presbyterian vs. The Citadel at Summerville, SC, 2:00 PM
    Oklahoma at West Virginia, 2:00 PM
    Oklahoma State at Stanford, 5:00 PM (2:00 PM)
    Penn State vs. Sacred Heart at Manheim, PA, 5:30 PM
    *Pittsburgh at Edinboro, 7:00 PM
    Penn State vs. Oregon State at Manheim, PA, 7:00 PM
    SIU Edwardsville at Northwestern, 7:00 PM (6:00 PM)
    Northern Illinois at Rider, 7:00 PM
    Sunday, November 14:
    Air Force, Appalachian State, Arizona State, Duke, Gardner-Webb, Indiana, Kent State at Mountaineer Invitational, hosted by Appalachian State, 9:00 AM
    American, Binghamton, Brown, Franklin & Marshall, Navy at Jon Kaloust Bearcat Open, hosted by Binghamton, 9:00 AM
    *Army West Point, Bloomsburg, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Harvard, Hofstra, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Long Island, Oregon State, Penn, Sacred Heart, VMI at Journeymen Collegiate Classic, Manheim, PA, 9:00 AM
    *Campbell, NC State, Virginia Tech at Wolfpack WC Open, hosted by NC State, 9:00 AM
    Ohio State at Ohio Intercollegiate Open, hosted by Tiffin, 9:00 AM
    CSU Bakersfield at Michigan, 1:00 PM
    Purdue at Cleveland State, 2:00 PM
    Northern Colorado at Missouri, 2:00 PM (1:00 PM)
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    DBHoops got a reaction from flyingcement in Please help Bo Nickal   
    Butt Slap Bo
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    DBHoops reacted to AnklePicker in Please help Bo Nickal   
    Bo Nikal is cool as is. Doesn’t need a nickname. 
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    DBHoops reacted to Billyhoyle in Bouzakis to Ohio State (broken on Willie Saylor's show)   
    I don't understand the obsession with breaking recruiting news.  I guess it drives traffic, but it's not as if it's some incredible news story or scoop that requires proper attribution.  I feel the same way about the people who are obsessed with being the first to break news about trades or signing in the NBA/NFL/MLB.  Wow, good job, you beat the announcement by ten minutes.  
    With that said, this isn't a criticism of Willie breaking the news...Just the overall trend of people caring about who the first is to break it.  
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    DBHoops reacted to BAC in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    There is nothing “grey” about the fact that the vaccine enormously reduces the spread of the virus. There mere existence of breakthrough infections does not change this fact. There is nothing even remotely ambiguous about this.
    Your friend is an idiot. There is not a shred of evidence that the vaccine is less safe if you already had covid. To the contrary it improves protection. Send him this link:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html
    The coaches here are idiots too. Even if they end up getting the vaccine at the last minute they should probably still be fired for sheer stupidity, and for hurting the stability of the team and causing the transfer of their best recruits. 
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