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  1. **** Lehigh looked really good: took the action to Cornell and fought hard all night. Beating ranked guys at 174 (Logan) and 184 (Burlhardt) was great. I think they are really a year away as they only lose Jordan Wood next year and have Nathan Taylor (6'4" and 275) waiting in the wings at 285 and Gaige Garcia coming in at 197. I think Cornell is definitely the favorite for the EIWAs but Lehigh will make some noise. Humphreys although not ranked top 10 is definitely an AA threat as is Wood and some others could surprise.
  2. **** I don't care that it is Not a Wrestling movie, but "Draft Day" is a great sport movie.
  3. **** Covid is Real. Take it from someone who used to joke that he was too ornery to get it. I got it in early February and it kicked my butt for 2 1/2 weeks (103-04 fever, extreme headaches, nausea, extreme weakness and body aches. My Dr. authorized a monoclonal infusion to hopefully keep me out of the hospital, since he was very concerned if my fever were to go any higher. I had to sign a waiver to get the infusion. It was similar to what President Trump was given (Regeneron). Thankfully it worked and my fever did not go any higher and I recovered over the next 1 1/2 weeks. Since then I have had both doses of the vaccine. I experienced some reactions to both, especially the 2nd (weakness, headache and boils on my arms), but definitely less than getting Covid.
  4. **** Yeah, youth club athletics (baseball, football, basketball, track and boxing), as a kid can be brutal at times. LOL as you have probably surmised I am not 21 (older, but not saying how much older). Actually, I didn't really start formal wrestling until 18 as a walk on, although I wrestled a lot of kids on our high school team and beat most of them. I was long, lean, quick and coordinated and very strong for not being overly stacked. They were more trained but I was more athletic. I never cut weight being so lean (6'3" and 180). However, now there is a lot of mileage on my body, as is the case with most of us who overdid it, athletic-wise, when we were young.
  5. **** I have had many, many reconstructive surgeries: , left shoulder rotator cuff and labrum (2007), right shoulder rotator cuff (2008), left hip replacement (2009), another left shoulder rotator cuff (2013), and right knee replacement (2018). I am very glad I am still 21. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
  6. **** Mr. Cinnabon and any one else who has commented on this: Think about it. Why would Griffith even consider enrolling in Iowa, when he has been wrestling at Stanford, which is one of the Top 5 Academic institutions in the country. He has already won an NCAA Championship, so unless his future career asperations include being a college wrestling coach, then he would be wise to consider the value of the degree he will earn. I would think that someone who has the academic credentials and smarts to get into Stanford an successfully handle the course load would do better to look for another school, which has a D1 wrestling team, but with similar academic rigors. I know some of you will jump on me for putting down Iowa academics, but it is like apples and oranges. What is he looking to change his major to Kinesiology? The long term benefits of a degree from Stanford or other schools like the Ivies or NW or Michigan or UVA or Purdue or Lehigh or some others will far outweigh a degree from Iowa.
  7. **** Not aware Lehigh forfeited to Binghamton at 125. Roes beat Sheldon Seymour 8-2. How does that put Roes ahead of Lane?
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