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    Mulletman21 reacted to Elevator in Beard to Lehigh   
    Had not seen it until today, but this does give good roster information.  Howevr, not too confident in the predictive power or accuracy of the listed rankings.   
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    Mulletman21 reacted to GockeS in Folk vs free   
    this forum is like twitter
    4% of the population 
    all with big voices
    disconnected from reality
    thats why none of OUR rule changes see the light of day
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    Mulletman21 reacted to Henry in Transfer portal   
    It's a jive term for virtue signaling and whining about "injustice." 
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    Mulletman21 reacted to treep2000 in Transfer portal   
    That's not capitalism.  It's corporate cronyism.  Under it all, with the reference of "sciences" being commercialized, it's not necessarily the "companies" that are calling the shots.  Government funding, subsidies, picking winners/losers, etc.  It's much more broad than to say it's "Capitalism" or that it's not.  It's not.  It's "Corporate Cronyism".  Universities and institutions are also falling prey to the same disease.  
    You can't walk more than 2 feet until you find that you're not woke enough, and someone is going to out-woke you on a college campus. The fanaticism is divine... 
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    Mulletman21 reacted to npope in Transfer portal   
    I am an academic. The content of your comment leads me to believe that you must also travel in similar circles. Here's a riddle for you. What similar attributes do data and a prisoner share? The answer? Both will tell you exactly what you want to hear if you torture either of them long enough.
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    Mulletman21 reacted to 9insoft in Max Dean to Penn State?   
    I was watching on Info Wars.....
    We are having a hard time with this virus, because it’s a bio weapon from China.....
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    Mulletman21 got a reaction from wamba in Does Marinelli returning mean no Griffith for Iowa?   
    **** Mr. Cinnabon and any one else who has commented on this: Think about it. Why would Griffith even consider enrolling in Iowa, when he has been wrestling at Stanford, which is one of the Top 5 Academic institutions in the country.  He has already won an NCAA Championship, so unless his future career asperations include being a college wrestling coach, then he would be wise to consider the value of the degree he will earn.  I would think that someone who has the academic credentials and smarts to get into Stanford an successfully handle the course load would do better to look for another school, which has a D1 wrestling team, but with similar academic rigors. 
    I know some of you will jump on me for putting down Iowa academics, but it is like apples and oranges.  What is he looking to change his major to Kinesiology? The long term benefits of a degree from Stanford or other schools like the Ivies or NW or Michigan or UVA or Purdue or Lehigh or some others will far outweigh a degree from Iowa.  
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