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  1. If he was going to have surgery it would have already happened and we would have known. This is 2021, not 1985. They are not going to tell him to wait...if you make the decision you go in asap to give yourself the longest recovery time possible.
  2. You can't have it both ways: If he isn't having surgery then he could have gone. If he didn't go, never got surgery, then went back for folkstyle, then he made a conscious decision to forgo freestyle for freestyle. And stop being crazy...if he had surgery then yes, it would be public.
  3. If he consulted with doctors then why hasn't he had surgery?
  4. Cael Sanderson did not end the Iowa reign in this sport, contrary to popular belief. The sport had Minnesota, Oklahoma State, and others who had gained ground on Iowa. Iowa fans don't hate him, and I don't think anyone who Is a real fan hates him. What people hate, is that Penn State has become the top program in the nation. Every person who knows this sport knows damn well that Penn State was a sleeping giant for decades...and that if they ever got the right coach, that giant would awaken. THAT'S what people like MSU 158 hate.
  5. Spencer Lee was quoted as saying he was going for the Olympics. Then he changed his mind, but did not get surgery. He could have wrestled and he chose Iowa over an Olympic gold medal. He chose Iowa over his own dream. The Olympics come around only every 4 years and there is no guarantee that he will have the same opportunity 4 years from now, or even 3 years from now as the case is.
  6. Exactly. Nobody knows what will happen and Stanford might even keep the program. We will see. Shane Griffith will wrestle at the weight he wants to wrestle at, for the team he wants to wrestle for, and 10 posters willing him to Michigan isn't going to change that.
  7. No. Everyone is acting that way though. He's not committed anywhere and Michigan is not a lock.
  8. That's a rather comical and glaringly obvious attempt to talk around the truth and you know it as well as I do: Brands told him to choose and he chose Iowa over Spencer. That's sad. And that's the truth.
  9. 1974 and 1975 are asterisks...they were on probation, and I don't hate Iowa. You, on the other hand, have had a raging hate woody for PSU for the past 5 years at least.
  10. Can someone find the link where Griffith is quoted saying he's moving up to 174? Thanks in advance...
  11. 1982 National champions 1986 National champions 1994 Undefeated 2005 Big ten champions 2008 Big ten champions 2016 Big ten champions How many does Iowa have outside of 1985?
  12. How is Kennedy going to feel about this?
  13. Mid April and no surgery. Why did he skip the trials if he wasn't getting surgery? Sacrifices his own career for Brands. Sad.
  14. Is that why he said he was going to the trials and then 5 days later pulled out?
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