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  1. Spencer Lee to the operating room? So far why bother right? Just keep going on 2 bad acls because Tom needs another trophy. Forget about the Olympics
  2. What happened there will knock a Hawkeye 1 position down on the podium no matter how you slice it
  3. Evan Wick and Jesse Delavecchia....keep those eyes open haters, cause it's gonna get worse before it gets better
  4. If he wasn't getting surgery then he should have wrestled in the trials. Period.
  5. Who knows but the longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes that he chose freestyle over his Olympic dream. Sad
  6. Keep an eye on psu because they are not finished. 2 more coming in after max dean.
  7. Whoever it is has to be able to beat him consistently. Otherwise the move is counter productive.
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Woods is not a lock for that spot though in the room. Yianni isn't going anywhere.
  9. They go right now and Dean wins 9 of 10. Beard is 3 years in and has no gas tank and can't finish singles, and has maybe the worst sprawl I have ever seen. The 7th was a product of a miracle draw.
  10. Max Murin knows a little something about being recruited over....still hasn't found the podium.
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