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  1. Suite tickets are okay it allows them to be right at the 25% with the 4 tickets per wrestler.
  2. A D1 Coach on the 4 per wrestler and on the suites the Enterprise Center Premium sales team. I already have my suite purchased and paid for.
  3. They are doing 4 tickets per wrestler and the suites. My suite is already paid and I have confirmation.
  4. I wish but I would be willing to buy some beers for everyone.
  5. 6 one buyer had to back out.
  6. 4 tickets remain if anyone has interest.
  7. I wonder if they take suites and family members into that 25% though.
  8. I may have a few extra tickets available if anyone is interested shoot me an email trumps4nittany@gmail.com
  9. I actually put myself on the suite list almost 2 years ago and was contactes Friday that suites are for sure being sold and purchased mine Tuesday.
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