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  1. You're being purposely naive if you dont think there were dozens and dozens of cases in dual meets where wrestlers were simply sitting out.
  2. Everything that isnt a Win is a loss. That fixes nearly all issues. If they are injured oh well. If you cant compete at the moment of competition it's a loss. Same as any other sport.
  3. There were dozens and dozens of cases of wrestlers not taking the mat that 100% were not injured this year.
  4. But Injuries in most sports are not given a free pass. I think we have to either get rid of the team aspect all together and make it a truly individual sport which is how the athletes and some coaches treat it now or need to do something to curb these rampant issues that 100% keep the sport from growing in popularity. If you're a casual fan and you spend good money and time to go to a dual meet and the top 5 matchup you wanted to see doesnt happen when its 100% clear the person isnt injured it's a black eye on the sport and drives the casuals away. The casuals are what you need to grow a sport to bigger and bigger heights. At the very least these wrestlers that are straight up ducking people should be publicly shamed on the bigger wrestling outlets such as flo.
  5. The seeding process will never be proper or done right til people with common sense do it. When its computerized or a formula it allows for humans to break the system or find loop holes. What I'm trying to do is make sure that when you go to see matches like Michigan vs ASU or PSU vs ASU thatyou see the top 5 matches that should be wrestled. That's what I'm trying to fix. I understand this will impact seeds but honestly who cares. At the end of the tournament the best work themselves out and finish where they should. The champ will be the champ regardless.
  6. Stevo Poulin at 125lb was a top recruit coming out of high school, redshirted last year at NC State and is has been in transfer portal typically top recruits like this get good amounts of coverage but I havent heard anything about it. Anyone with info? Thanks!
  7. Soencer would not have been the 32nd seed. Ybarra and Ayala would have been bit above .500 combined. But how did they get punished? The best guy won right? Maybe the 2nd best guy got 3rd instead of 2nd? I mean what is the issue?
  8. That's why every match at the weight by whoever the starter is that day for the team goes towards the weight. Does not matter why you lost, couldn't wrestle, etc. Its all the same in the end. If you're out for injury and your backup sucks then so be it. If you transfer in and only wrestle half the year that was the decision you made. Solves all the issues. And wrestlers would wrestle more than 25matches a year again
  9. I was responding about someone saying Spencer Lee would be the 32 seed.
  10. If you dont WIN the match at the weight it is a LOSS. That simple rule change would end this stuff immediately. Doesnt matter why, if you can't wrestle or dont wint the match it's a loss. Period. But for some reason wrestling gets softer every year. If you're hurt and cant compete it's a loss. If you're sick LOSS, if your gf broke up with you LOSS. But since it seems dont want to do that this is the only other solution that would outright stop it.
  11. If they are hurt to where they cant wrestle then they are incapable of winning. And his backup has a chance to win. Just like Lebrons team has a chance even if he is too hurt to compete. There needs to be strict punishments for situations that EVERYONE knows is ducking. And until they use real people to seed tournaments etc. This seems to be the only real solution.
  12. But I'm not saying add the stats together those are individual records. But the weight class as a team concept would stip nearly all these ducking and forfeit issues. The true way to fix this that they refuse to do is just hire a committee to seed the tournaments that can use judgement and punish people that 100% ducked competition during the year.
  13. With the Palacio example I'd say that regardless of seed with a few rare exceptions everything at NCAA works themselves out. 2nd example when you enter more than 1 wrestler 1 gets labeled the "starter" and those matches count towards the weight.
  14. Show me a scenario that happens? Unless Spencer sat out the entire year. But then he wouldn't have enough matches to make eligibility.
  15. Except if you get injured mid match and forfeit it's an L. Any other sport it is an L as well. I'd this sport is to grow it needs to be easier to follow for a casual and this would help with that. If Lebron James is hurt and cat play his team loses it still counts as a loss. If Tom Brady is hurt and cant play it still counts as a loss. Same way if the teams star wrestler doesnt compete and they lose the teams still gets an L. The weight class also gets an L. The wrestlers are wrestling nearly half the matches they've been wrestling per year for the last 7 decades. Yet even with the advancements in training, medical and diets they cant wrestle yasmany matches as the guys in the 60s, 70s, 80s?
  16. Everything would be treated equal so cant really be uproar. If the weight class loses it loses does not matter why. If the 197 from Nebraska (Starter,backup, forfeit) does not with the match then it goes as a negative mark on Nebraska's 197. This would keep starters from sitting out of big matches if they are healthy or have to sit back and watch a loss go on that weights record.
  17. You make all the wrestlers at a weight class for a team count together. For instance if you dont wrestle and your backup goes out and loses then that counts against that weight class when it comes to seeding at any tournament. On top of this medical forfeits are also counted as losses. On top of that if you weigh in and no action has taken place to "injure" you then if you dont take the mat (i.e. Colton Schultz 2x this year) then it also counts as a loss because you are clearly just ducking at that point. By doing all of this it stops ducking, it stops teams sending out backups to protect their top guys records. No system is perfect but I believe this would work well.
  18. Yeah it is unfortunately seeming to be the new normal. You think anything would ever get done about it? It in all seriousness can kill the sport.
  19. For the last 3-4 years it seems wrestlers are sitting out big matches en mass. This is incredibly frustrating for spectators and fans. If the sport is going to grow or even stay consistent you cant have nearly every dual without 1 of the marque matchups. Is there any way this ever gets addressed or is this just what wrestling is now? I cant be the only one frustrated by this right?
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