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  1. Oops. I just realized, by the time Nicky gets to 125 it'll be the ole broken-arm bar. (To clarify, Spencer's arm not broken.)
  2. Once Spencer Lee gets the ole armbar on Nicky or whoever, it's Goodnight Irene. I'm no expert, but I don't think anacondas have ACLs either do they? And they do pretty well.
  3. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Although it will require a séance.
  4. Reminds me of a buddy of mine who lost his leg from just below the knee down due to a car accident when we were seniors in HS 1969 and so had to get an artifical lower leg. We all needled each other about everything, so after a while we started calling him "Maple Leg", when we knew he'd be cool with it and give it back to us about something. One day, another buddy of ours called him "Old Hickory". Our buddy with the artifical leg always talked out the side of his mouth like a gangster and had a gravelly voice. He look at us and said "You dumb moth******ers . If this was made out of maple or hickory, I wouldn't be able to lift it." Somebody said "Well, what is it made out of?" He said "How the f**k do I know, balsa or something I guess." Man, I still laugh about that 50+ years later. His wrestling career was over, but he still played baseball and later was a hammer in the local softball leagues.
  5. I see what you did there. Well played, Mauer.
  6. Bo 2317 Nickal (Inside joke).
  7. What if suriano goes to Michigan? Answer: Then he'll be wearing a different uniform when he loses to Spencer Lee this time.
  8. Exactly. Kinda like having to buy the buffet when all you want is the macaroni salad.
  9. Thanks for the "advice". I'll just look at it like I was born a week too early.
  10. Thank you. I have beyond a big time education in Physics from a certain upstate NY university, and I don't mind saying Quantum Physics/Mechanics never made a lick of sense. Fortunately, there was always a very good job market for those of us limited to the "observable universe".
  11. My good buddy, Erwin Schrödinger, told me they're both there and not there. I have not looked yet.
  12. I think Dake will have a lot more fans when he wins a gold in 2024, when he's back in high school.
  13. So, I think we can say Dake was unquestionably better in Folkstyle, pretty much certainly better in Freestyle. Maybe Taylor beat Dake in Greco that I'm unaware of??? Hence the debate...
  14. I'd love to see LHU get part way back to the glory years. I remember going to a PSU @ LHU match back in the mid 80s. It was beyond wild there.
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