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  1. I think maybe the biggest obstace to reaching 100 pages may be the lack of 60s, 70s, 80s song lyrics. With that in mind, I give you this little ditty from Forrest Richard Betts, submitted for your approval: Don't worry for me Well I'm all right Lord knows I'm having, A natural good time, Pocket full of money Gonna boogie all night; There ain't nobody tell me that's crime
  2. Thank you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. My strength was math, weaknesses pretty much everything else. About 15 years after college a neighbor's daughter was taking Kinesiology, at PSU coincidentally, and ask if I would help her with "the Physics" part of it. Sure, piece of cake, right? Boy, was I suprised. The math part wasn't terribly difficult, but the essence of Physics is taking a "word problem" and figuring out how to put it into mathematical terms. I always say, from there a monkee with a calculator can do the rest (anymore, not when I was in college). Kinesiology is not one of those "gimme" programs, the human body is a very complex mechanism. Now, Bus Ad, on the other hand...
  3. Dang, that's funny. And, that's coming from someone with a BS and MS in Physics and PhD in Applied Math. (All technically under Liberal Arts, but don't tell anybody.)
  4. I just stumbled on the thread that ConnorsDad started Dec 23, 2019. He listed a few posters that he thought were very knowledgeable, and many people responded in-kind. I've only been on here for a few weeks, but that was the most positive thread I've seen on here (or on any social media to be honest). It takes a heck of a guy to bring all these different people with all their different favorites together like that. CONNORSDAD.
  5. I remember that. I thought it was pretty cool he did that for you and that you were grateful publicly, noting you didn't know each other. You both set an example for all of us. Life's greatest lessons always seem to come out of nowhere.
  6. RIP Amigo. I've only been on here a few weeks, but we shared a few laughs in that short time. He seemed like a great guy.
  7. Best ever in PA, let's not forget Mike Johnson of Lock Haven HS 1958-1961. 4x PIAA champ, 84-0, never taken down in HS. In PA!!
  8. NYS: Troy Nickerson: 5x state champ, 5x Fargo champ, NCAA 4, 3, 2, 1 Yanni: 4x state champ (injured senior year), 2x NCAA champ (more to come?), FS success Kyle Dake: (Only) 2x state champ, 4x NCAA champ, and you know the rest Tough choice
  9. I googled that name. Now I understand your reference. No, that's not my style in many ways. Small world though, one of my best friends' wife retired about a couple years ago as Assistant AG of Colorado. I'll have to see what they say about this. He's very aware of my nom de plume.
  10. Sorry, I don't recognize that name. My given name is impossible for Anglo tongues to pronounce. I was born in Moscow in 1962 and came to the US when 10 years old. I worked for 40+ years as an engineer and signed many NDA agreements with many companies. I adopted the name Bernie Pragle on the internet to make me tougher to find me if I said anything that violated any NDAs (really no longer a big deal). Bernie Pragle was my first Physics prof at Cornell in 1969. A very smart guy who helped me a lot, hence the homage.
  11. Wrestling has taught me many things. One I'll never forget is that the transitive property doesn't apply in wrestling. A beats B, B beats C... A and C still gotta wrestle to figure out who's gonna win.
  12. I'll never forget about 20 years ago a college buddy and I were at the NYS HS tournament to watch his two sons wrestle. Another kid from their school, Timmy, was also there. He was like 29-12 or something like that and wrestled the defending state champ in the first round. Lo and behold, Timmy hits a headlock about a minute in...pin. My buddy and I just look at each other like, What just happened? My buddy says..."Must be Timmy didn't know that kid was 46-0, I guess that's why they wrestle the matches instead of just phoning the results in". BTW, Timmy lost in the next round, but he was a hero for a few hours.
  13. I don't know about the rest, but the DK guys would by definition know best. (I think...) America has become one big proof of the DK theory. "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right..."
  14. You can also see a lot of respect and admiration between Rob Kohl and Dake. I'm sure that would also be a factor.
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