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  1. Eierman missing last call for puddin' down at the Senior Center.
  2. He must've been working out in jail. Impressive, easy.
  3. For me ACC = 388 Have only tested it for a couple of minutes to see it works. I guess it doesn't matter tonight though.
  4. Please replace "baby boomer" with "old fart". That is much less offensive to me.
  5. I was there. He was way worse at the end of the match than it looked in the video. His eyes rolled back in his head and stayed there as they carried him off. Craziest thing I ever saw.
  6. Obviously not. Occasionally I do other things. In the immortal words of Harry Dunne, "Thanks for noticing". Karma came much earlier for coach Pat P. At :050
  7. Thank you for mentioning that. I checked and I also have it (just on my tablet, not on my tv box). I never checked those higher number channels. Does this mean I have to say something good about Spectrum? Anyway, thanks again I'll be watching tonight!!
  8. Hey, we're all "potentially dangerous". If we weren't, car ins companies wouldn't exist. Some are just more "potentially dangerous" than others. Before anyone asks, I have no stastical data on this, just the eye test.
  9. Mike was a very good high school wrestler from Pennsylvania. Went to DuBois (DOO-boyss) HS. I know, bad joke.
  10. I don't think the kid looks like Austin. He looks just like my milkman though.
  11. You said "Let's dance", and he did, Oh great Purveyor of Pastries.
  12. If I were the Brands Brothers, I'd buy him about 3 extra meal plans.
  13. Lol. I'm sure he doesn't have to go out on computerland each time to get it. I'm sure he has it handy right in his toolbelt, ready as required.
  14. Oh, I'm plenty old enough. I'm old enough to be pretty darn good writing with a hammer and chisel. But I cannot do whatever ISR is. I suspect I peaked well before that! I helped young Billy Oughtred whittle out the first slide rule.
  15. Copy and paste from somewhere. I'm older than dirt, but that's what I'd do. Only gotta type it once.
  16. I have a full head of hair, but I've used that same thought process for years.
  17. Faster is good, but probably won't help if you have 250+ lbs of humanity on top of you. And probably won't help as much as another 30 lbs if you're on top. I'm wondering...How many heavyweights have tried to lose weight except if they needed to get under the max? I've always thought the big boys have their own laws of Physics, maybe until Steveson anyway.
  18. I was gonna quote some more lyrics but none seemed "appropriate". I'll wait for another tune.
  19. Bingo. That's his school. Only about a mile from The Ice Shack. I reference all locations to ice cream stores.
  20. My grandson's high school just went remote this past Wednesday. >5% Positive tests. It is about 30 miles from PSU. We're lucky to have anything.
  21. Wouldn't "Tentative Probables" be somewhat redundantly in a way saying the same thing twice, so to speak? Princeton ought to know better.
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