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  1. 1 hour ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    Don't get me wrong, I am no crypto promoter. I do not, and have never, owned any. But, it is an error to say crypto currency has no utility.

    Before the current speculative craze, the case for crypto was that it was trustless and beyond government control. This matters for a few reasons. Trustless means we do not have to trust in a government to be a responsible steward of a currency. Being responsible means not printing money in irresponsible ways, thereby imposing an inflation tax. Anyone reading today's headlines can understand the utility of that. And beyond government control means that the a government, and its control over a dominant currency, cannot use the currency to impose its will over those it does not govern directly, as is playing out now with Russia.

    And then there is Luna. I have nothing good to say about Luna.

    But, to bring this back to wrestling to keep the mods happy..... Askren. Novogratz.



    Is this a wrestling forum?  I always come here for investment advice.

    Aw shid, I said no more jokes.  Sorry

  2. 12 hours ago, TheHeel said:

    your friend is probably one of those old guard dorks who warned everyone off of crypto while others were making a windfall. he doesn't want it to win because it will further confirm his mistakes. 

    Crypto will set the world free. If you think its just about BTC and other coins, you are missing the bigger picture, and no, i don't have the time or energy to explain it. 

    Bummer, dude.  I also missed out on Beanie Babies.  I guess I'm just not a savvy investor.

  3. 1 hour ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    Don't let him get to you.

    When someone says they don't have the time or energy to explain crypto, it usually means they don't have the ability.

    Oh, I agree.  But, I wouldn't limit it to Crypto.  That's pretty much the case with everything.  The only thing worse than a head nodder is multiple head nodders.

  4. 3 hours ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    Of course--plenty of coins have been magic boxes.  Most of them, actually. 

    And no, not all currency is like this.  


    Last time I try to make a joke on here.  Or even an analogy.

    Strike 1, strike 2...

  5. 1 hour ago, TheHeel said:

    your friend is probably one of those old guard dorks who warned everyone off of crypto while others were making a windfall. he doesn't want it to win because it will further confirm his mistakes. 

    Crypto will set the world free. If you think its just about BTC and other coins, you are missing the bigger picture, and no, i don't have the time or energy to explain it. 

    My friend told me that story probably 30+ years ago, so it had nothing to do with Crypto.  It was a joke that I just tried to pass along.  I guess, with you at least, it missed its mark.  I've always thought of a sense of humor as an indication of intelligence (or not).

    "old guard dork"?  Yeah, I guess that's what I'd call a guy who retired as CFO of an 11 billion dollar company, and is still a Director there.  Trust me, I suspect there is nothing you could hope to explain to me that I'd be slightly interested in.

    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
    ― Daniel J. Boorstin - Librarian of the US Congress

  6. I suspect that Crypto is like tuna.  Let me explain... I have a friend whose degree is in Finance and who works for a large company in Finance.  He told me this story:

    A tuna fisherman catches a large tuna and sells it to a tuna dealer for $X.  Dealer sells it to another dealer for $X+A.  Second dealer sells it to another dealer for $X+A+B.  This goes on until finally a guy buys the tuna to eat and finds it's spoiled.  He goes back to the guy he bought it from and wants his money back because the tuna was spoiled.  The last dealer says "Tuna ain't for eatin', it's just for buyin' and sellin'".

    In a way, I suppose all currency is like this.  I guess you just don't want to be the last guy with no buyer  for the tuna/Crypto.

  7. Well, one way to look at it...We ought to get more than we get for our $750 Billion per year.  Somehow with that number, we still can't care for our veterans without begging for private contributions.
    "Proposed by the CEO of a defense contractor"?   No thanks.  If you need money pissed away with little to show for it, get a defense contractor and the DoD involved.  Maybe, I should say get 5 cents value for each dollar spent.
    This harkens back to the Russian systems of years gone by (and somewhat today).

  8. 5 hours ago, TBar1977 said:


    There are half the posts because as a group we are just not that interesting or conversational. We are mainly just combative and that gets old. 

    I think "combative" is a little strong.  How about "opinionated"?  There is that old phrase, "If two people have the same opinion, one is unnecessary".  (Or something like that.)

    I think it's impossible to not see that Jimmy C has started many of the most active threads on here, although sometimes I can't understand his motivation.

  9. 2 hours ago, Antitroll2828 said:

    Can we not ruin this thread with nonsense like all the others on here  and it keep it strictly transfers and wrestling 

    Maybe the forum can be set up so that you can approve/disapprove everything before it gets posted.  Or then again maybe some people like a little humor with their wrestling....

    BTW, if it were me, I'd end a question with a question mark.

  10. This may become analogous to the "dark money" so prevalent in and around Washington.  US Representatives have a salary <$200K, yet after a few years become worth 10s of millions.  I have long advocated that all our elected officials wear patches announcing their "sponsers", kinda like NASCAR or F1.  The major problem there though is we have a "rooster in charge of the henhouse situation".  That never works.
    Maybe we need patches on singlets announcing "sponsors", whether individual, corporate, or university (scholarship).  At least then we'd know.
    Ultimately, we need two things, which are in short supply anymore... accountability and integrity.  Lacking them, we need enforceable rules and consequences.  Just like Kindergarten.

  11. Very interesting stuff.  I like that you are trying to offer some "quasi-solutions" that people can then build on, find fault with, whatever.
    I kinda think the first thing would be to define the problem, which you have done quite well.  The next step would be to quantify the problem.  How big is it, how widespread?  I don't think we know, but many of us probably anticipate it getting much worse, maybe to the point of being a major problem in our sport.
    One thing I have seen in my nearly 70 years is that once a sense of doing the right thing, of integrity, is lost it really is difficult to then have a fair, equitable, productive system.  This is true in business, government, sports, even personal relationships.  It's difficult to make rules when some people think the rules don't apply to them.  It's even more difficult when the rules are vague or easily circumvented.
    I have worked for companies with many different cultures and different management structures.  The best, most productive I've worked for have a technically competent individual with an unquestioned reputation for integrity and action at the top.  With this in mind, I would like to see a sort of Commissioner/Czar in charge of NCAA wrestling rules and enforcement.  Somebody such as Jordan Burroughs.  I just think any sort of "committee" just won't work.  (Obviously I've had no input as far as actual rules.  Sorry.)

  12. 5 hours ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    So the it that is confirmed is that one person has spoken to another person?

    In that vein, I have a confession of my own. I would like to confess that I have spoken to many wrestlers, many family members of wrestlers, and many coaches of wrestlers, some of whom were not coaches of wrestlers I have spoken to, nor were they coaches of wrestlers whose family I have spoken to. Also, while I cannot prove it, I am virtually certain I have spoken to boosters of both the schools of the wrestlers I have spoken to (and don't foget their family members) and of the schools not currently attended by the wrestlers I have spoken to. And of course, their families.

    I can make a truth table for you, however I must confess it's been a long time and it may take me a bit.  I will guarantee an accuracy not less than 83%, but the user will be responsible for determining the 17% (max) inaccuracy.  (Now, how's that for a new car warranty?)

  13. 4 minutes ago, jp157 said:

    My issue is that I don’t get why people don’t understand that “pure” capitalism isn’t going to be the best answer in every case. Especially on the macro scale. I’m not talking about adopting communism. I’m talking about this weird idea pure capitalism should be applied everywhere 

    Exactly.  Almost all segments of our society require some "rules"... traffic laws, criminal laws, regulations on professions, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc, etc, in order to function optimally.  Why are regulations on economics so opposed?  Unless you are one of the very few that benefit from no regulations?

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