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  1. No, he was trying to work the crowd into a frenzy (?) when he tripped over an Evian bottle left on the floor by a "front rower". Hurt his wrist trying to break his fall.
  2. Even after a half hour on Google, this is the only part I understand. That made it worth it though.
  3. I have a question: When Brucki tweaked his knee, a trainer came out to tend to him. For these major programs, are the trainers MDs, PTs, or ???
  4. That actually happened? I though I dreamt it when I took a(nother) snooze.
  5. I've never been to a wrestling match in BJC. All I can say is, it ain't Rec Hall. I think my wife and I took the kids to a Kenny G concert in BJC that was more exciting than this.
  6. Brady is 7x Super Bowl champ, married to Gisele, has 3 kids. I'm not questioning his "completion rate".
  7. @TBar1977 Bravo-Young's preferred "wrestling" footwear:
  8. What some people saw as cat and mouse by RBY I saw as failure to engage (wrestle). I feel like I'm watching Ray Leonard at his bicycle riding best. Not my idea of a wrestling match. I think RBY should have been hit at least twice in the 1st period for backing up. It wasn't even counter-wrestling, just backing up and then sprawling when DeSanto shot. I know it's completely against his nature, but maybe they will have to implement Brands Bros 3.2, Desanto does not attack and forces RBY to do something?? Kind of a "stall the staller" strategy?? BTW, I'm not an Iowa homer, just not a fan of the 7 minute waltz, especially when only one kid is always leading.
  9. Sounds good. I'll have you double check it in the morning. "technology...spectator sport". Yes and no. I've always said, You'd be amazed at what I know. You'd also be amazed at what I don't know. The only thing I've pretty much used computers for was the original intention of them - calculating. Kids today probably think they were originally meant to type lol, smh, display a meme, etc. Actually all the arbitrary nuances of compatibility, operating systems, etc with modern computers drives me crazy. I have to have some of my "kids" (engineers I have trained) help me with some of that crap. When I was still working and I hit the "Print" button and it didn't print, I'm not di**ing with it. Invariably, IT had done a "system update" the night before. Or should I say, tried to... They do beat the heck out of pencil, paper, and a slide rule for calculating though. With all the graphics, built-in calculating functions, built-in engineering knowledge, a monkey can pretty much be an engineer anymore. I have first hand knowledge of this.
  10. I don't think he has any eligibilty left. It's pretty hard to tell anymore though.
  11. Maybe you could help me. I've been gonna upgrade from Machine Language for a few years, but I have trouble with new things.
  12. I just heard that Dan Gable was going to transfer to Iowa and wrestle his never used 4th year of eligibility. How 'bout that team race now @TBar1977 ?
  13. “War does not determine who is right—only who is left.” — Bertrand Russell
  14. Marinelli very conservative, up by 1 or 2 late, standing position. Hamiti goes all out for takedown, experience/strength takes over, takedown Marinelli. Marinelli wins by 3 or 4. My guess.
  15. Hey, get with the program. It's 2022. Surely a little thing like this is not going to stop you from rendering an expert medical opinion.
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I think it will show a lot about what will happen in Big10s and NCAAs for both guys.
  17. Maybe they're just a little (or a lot) more up-front about it. In the business world I feared the guy/gal who smiled at me and attacked from the flank more than the guy/gal who looked like (s)he wanted to kick me square in the ****, i.e. I worried more about being stabbed in the back than the front. In today's world, I find the Brands strangely refreshing in this way.
  18. Wasn't that some kid who wrestled for Drexel?
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