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  1. Wasn't that some kid who wrestled for Drexel?
  2. I've got that a few times the last, maybe, week or so. At first, I thought it was a way of the admins telling me I'd been excommunicated for something.
  3. I should have said "subsidized" education. Although I was correct in *my* case. I suspect we may be rapidly approaching something like the NFL or MLB where the rules on free agency, salary caps, trades, etc, etc are pretty much indecipherable to 99.999% of fans. It would be fun to actually understand the rules on scholarships, although they seem to be getting at least "bent". Maybe sometime in the future, College Wrestling will be very similar to Pro Wrestling, except the actual wrestling will be real. The athletes would be paid to wrestle, etc. Heck, I'd pay to see the Brands Bros chase Cael around the outside of the mat with folding chairs in hand. They probably better hope they don't catch him.
  4. Surely, you overlooked RBY (#1). I realize then it looks suspiciously like one of those "Which one doesn't fit?" tests, but according to your criteria he's clearly the best.
  5. This is certainly an interesting question. I may have a different perspective, because I was nowhere near good enough to wrestle in college, but have seen the value of a good, free education. Unless things change dramatically, the vast majority of these kids will realize that college wrestling was just a temporary stop in life and that the education they received (earned!) was much more important. With that in mind, I will ask the question of scholarship money. Do Dean, Berge, whoever, take scholarship dollars away from Beard, a new recruit, whoever? I know some of these young men are (supposedly) working toward Masters degrees, but are some/most/all even going to classes? This question really puts into perspective what wearing that PSU, Iowa, wherever, singlet even means. Yeah, yeah, I know, not a lot different than college BB or FB. As Dylan said "... In a semi-related thought, How did Cael let Ed Scott get away? 2x PIAA AAA champ, 50 miles from PSU. Let me reframe the question... Is Ed Scott + Beard > Dean + Berge ? Scholarship money wise. Or with the NLWC does that question (maybe my whole post) become meaningless?
  6. Sorry, I was not clear enough. (I may have confused myself.) I meant as a "bookie" I would take $1000 if the Brands Bros weren't successful, or if there was no such attempt ; and pay out $2000 if there was such an attempt and they were successful. Now, do you want some of that action? Point being, bookies/gambling houses will (in the future) offer almost any bets if the odds are good enough in their favor. I'm assuming that is what would happen (is happening) with betting on these much less popular events. As opposed to the bets on, say, the Super Bowl, where they move the odds to get money bet 50/50.
  7. True. I was amazed when I saw on ESPN that someone won almost $1000 on a $5 bet on one of the NFL games that went into OT in week 18. They bet 4 different things that had to happen for them to win, a couple of which were odd to me . As I said, I'm sure there will be more betting in the future on everything. Where there is a demand, someone will supply that demand, regardless of what it is. With good enough odds for them, you can find someone to take about any bet. I'm sure that if you would put down $1000 to win $2000, someone would take your bet that the Brands Bros will successfully de-pants Cael at the NCAAs. Heck, I'm not at all a gambler, but I may even take that one.
  8. I really feel I've been slighted. My incorrect prediction of Cael removing Facundo's shirt for this match was certainly deserving of some sort of award!
  9. Additional thought: Like everything else, things evolve. Maybe it's only a matter of time before you can wager on whether or not Desanto will slap a Kimura on his opponent. Generally, if there is a demand for something, someone will supply it. I suspect that's where we will get to in the future.
  10. I have never gambled, nor would I. I do however have an extensive education and background in Mathematics that probably allows me to make a couple of observations: 1) I would assume that the cost to perform an analysis of the likelihood of the outcome of an event would be reasonably the same whether 10 people or a million people wagered on the event. Amortizing that cost over 10 bets would be much less cost effective than over a million bets. 2) The best case scenario for gambling houses is when a very large number of bets are placed, pretty much equally on both outcomes. This guarantees the payout is equal regardless of who wins. The "house" makes money on the (small) difference in odds for each respective outcome. The odds are adjusted as money comes in to encourage this equal money being bet on each outcome. I'm guessing that as long as wrestling would generate much less betting than football, basketball, etc., the large gambling houses would not want to get as involved for the above reasons. Of course, I'm sure if you will take bad enough odds on an outcome, someone may want to accommodate you. Note: These assumptions would apply to large gambling houses, not the "local bookie". That would probably be more like a scene from "Rocky". I hope I've helped. Anyway, Good Luck! Note: This is simply the same as @Jaroslav Hasek 's answer, only somewhat more detailed.
  11. Perhaps there's something between "balls to the wall" and "failure to engage". Something that would prevent a 3-2 snoozefest involving one wrestler who's never afraid to engage.
  12. I remember an episode of King of Queens where Spence and Doug's brother (I think) were having a wrestling match on the living room floor for some kind of bragging rights. Man, that was funny.
  13. I find it odd that a graduate of Northwestern would not capitalize it, but that's just me. Am I impressed? That would depend on the degree earned and field of study. A post grad degree in Math, Physics, Eng...possibly somewhat impressed. A degree in Bus Ad or some such nonsense...not the least impressed. I'm mostly concerned that a graduate of Northwestern would have the handle MizzouGrad. Again, just me.
  14. Honestly now, is that even more of a jab than having graduated from Mizzou?
  15. At least they're reading something. For thousands of years, our language evolved. I fear in not that long, it will devolve back to hieroglyphics (a series of emojis). I have 3 kids, 42, 34, 32 and 2 grandkids, 16 , 11. I don't know how any of them chat with their friends, but when any of them texts me, the English is perfect. I'm a proud Papa, Grandpa. Keep fighting the good fight!
  16. I know it isn't the intent of the thread and it's so obvious it doesn't need to be mentioned, but the whole Professional Wrestling scene. Sorry, but it's Sunday morning, my wife's still sleeping, too blanking cold to go outside or to the garage...I'm bored, so I chimed in. What did suprise me is that you said "the books they read". I'm an old guy. I honestly didn't think anyone of this age group reads books, outside assigned reading in school, maybe. Maybe there are some today aimed at them with all pictures, comic books perhaps with a smattering of lol, u, hieroglyphics (emojis)? Honest question!
  17. Prescient. @VakAttack Got any thoughts on the 2 foosball games tomorrow?
  18. давайте больше еды той корове, которая дает больше всего молока, а не той, которая больше всех мычит.
  19. I'm out of bullets for today. If I weren't, I'd give you a trophy for that!
  20. I just had a thought... Is Jimmy C actually Andy Kaufman? Similar MO, I believe. Resurfacing after 38 yrs?
  21. I'll give you, RBY is "slippery", great defense, great scrambler, boring, whatever...depending on whose eyes are doing the watching. Heck, my HS buddy probably would have called him for stalling as soon as he dropped that arm. And, I'm not sure he wouldn't be right. I'm far from an Iowa homer. I've spent the majority of my life in PA and NY. Just like matches with offense, not backing up or great defense followed by stalemate calls. Maybe the sport has evolved and I just haven't...
  22. "Desanto wasn’t shooting to score on most of those he was just trying to get more stall calls" The alternative when wrestling a one-armed man who refuses to shoot or engage is...? I had a high school buddy who later reffed mostly HS, some college. He jokingly told me once he wanted to tell a few kids... You back out of the circle and I'll hit you for stalling. Not the big circle, that small one in the middle. He'd have made 133 a much better match to watch last night.
  23. Great dual, lots of fun to watch. I'd have liked to seen Ayala. Personally, I think RBY's "failure to engage" deserved about 3 more stall calls. Some would call it strategy, I wouldn't. To me that leads to a 7 minute waltz, although DeSanto did his best to turn it into a salsa. Gotta reward the kid who wrestles, penalize the kid who backs up, doesn't shoot...
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