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  1. Very interesting stuff. I like that you are trying to offer some "quasi-solutions" that people can then build on, find fault with, whatever. I kinda think the first thing would be to define the problem, which you have done quite well. The next step would be to quantify the problem. How big is it, how widespread? I don't think we know, but many of us probably anticipate it getting much worse, maybe to the point of being a major problem in our sport. One thing I have seen in my nearly 70 years is that once a sense of doing the right thing, of integrity, is lost it really is difficult to then have a fair, equitable, productive system. This is true in business, government, sports, even personal relationships. It's difficult to make rules when some people think the rules don't apply to them. It's even more difficult when the rules are vague or easily circumvented. I have worked for companies with many different cultures and different management structures. The best, most productive I've worked for have a technically competent individual with an unquestioned reputation for integrity and action at the top. With this in mind, I would like to see a sort of Commissioner/Czar in charge of NCAA wrestling rules and enforcement. Somebody such as Jordan Burroughs. I just think any sort of "committee" just won't work. (Obviously I've had no input as far as actual rules. Sorry.)
  2. I can make a truth table for you, however I must confess it's been a long time and it may take me a bit. I will guarantee an accuracy not less than 83%, but the user will be responsible for determining the 17% (max) inaccuracy. (Now, how's that for a new car warranty?)
  3. Exactly. Almost all segments of our society require some "rules"... traffic laws, criminal laws, regulations on professions, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc, etc, in order to function optimally. Why are regulations on economics so opposed? Unless you are one of the very few that benefit from no regulations?
  4. If everybody’s doing it… There’s a lot of guys doing it. -Vincent Lauria
  5. Whoa, Big Feller. I wore Levis, white t-shirts, and Converse high tops. Add flannel shirt in the winter, dress shirt for weddings and special dates.
  6. It's not having what you want It's wanting what you've got (At least that's what I keep telling my wife.)
  7. I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy .... (S)he was practiced at the art of deception
  8. We're gonna vent our frustration If we don't we're gonna blow a fifty-amp fuse
  9. You can't always get what you want But if you try sometime you'll find You get what you need
  10. As always, great stuff WKN. I should know better than to get involved in percentages because they are way over my pay grade, but I kinda think you understated the difference in semi-final performance between PSU and Brand X. Another way to say these is: PSU wrestlers perform nearly half-again as well in the semis when they are the favorites, and over twice as well when they are not the favorites, compared to other school's wrestlers. Did I hear that they were looking for a new SID at PSU?
  11. Is it just me, or is there seeming to be less and less relationship between being a student (ie taking actual college classes) and being on the wrestling team? Is wrestling at the top schools becoming more and more like football and basketball in this respect?
  12. If I'm not mistaken, I see a lot of the naysayers on this thread pointing to something like "not enough time between a dual championship and whatever". I'm gonna interpret this as meaning not enough time to lose unhealthy amounts of weight for a specific event, recover and repeat (à la MMA) . Maybe we would see more realistic matchups and healthy wrestlers?? What a novel concept. And... before anyone asks, no, I did not wrestle after high school, and never lost more than a couple pounds back then. Ok, Release the hounds!!
  13. 1) Nothing's better than when the gut feeling and the data line up. Cool. 2) That's good to hear. I'm gonna head to the store and stock up on those half pound Reese Cups. (I'm getting low on inventory.) You are VERY good at analyzing data, thinking of what to look for in data, and presenting and explaining what you did and didn't find. Big respect.
  14. "Hope springs eternal" -Alexander Pope
  15. Absolutely agree. I went too far in the wayback machine! Still, the results today are much more "top heavy" than even more recent years. I think there is more reason that top wrestlers flock to PSU than simply because they value the education and want to wear the blue and white during the season. It is kind of a "chicken and egg" situation I suspect. PSU/NLWC... I guess I'd like to see more parity in NCAA wrestling. The RTCs promote the opposite in my opinion.
  16. Looking at the NCAA D1 championship results from 1968 (just picked a year), I see schools like Lock Haven, UCLA, Toledo, Portland State, SUNY Cortland, BYU, Colorado, Bloom, Utah State, Maryland, Central Washington, Minn State Mankato, Miami OH, Adams State, E Stroudsburg, MIT (??), NW Mizz in the top 6 (individual results). Also, "back in the day", there were a lot more unseeded wrestlers finishing 1, 2, 3. I'm sure there are many other reasons besides all the top talent flocking to the RTCs and corresponding schools, but I also can't imagine that is not a factor. Just my 2 cents. (Maybe now only worth 1.5 cents. Inflation and I'm getting old and senile.)
  17. I can top that... Mathematically: The best analogy between a source and a target is the analogy that results in K(Ms) + K(Ss|Ms) + K(Bs|Ms) + K(Mt|Ms) + K(St|Mt) + K(Bt|Mt) = Minimum Generally simplified to: K(Ms) + K(Bs|Ms) + K(Mt|Ms) = Minimum Where: K = Kolmogorov complexity s = Source, t = Target Ms = local theory of the Source, available to the observer Mt = local theory of the Target, available to the observer Ss and corresponding St = Known elements Rs and corresponding Rt = Resultant elements Bs the relation between Ss and Rs, Bt the relation between St and Rt (Pardon the subscripts not working...too lazy.) In plain English: S is like T except blah, blah, blah... The fewer blahs, the better the analogy. But hey, what do I know?
  18. I like analogies. It's almost like they can help to explain things I don't know in terms of things I do already know. (I think I just violated Gödel's incompleteness theorem.)
  19. In honor of this past weekend's SAT tests: Freestyle : Folkstyle :: Distance Running : ________ 1) Pull Ups 2) Marathon 3) Gymnastics 4) Electric Toaster
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