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  1. The only training partner I can imagine for Steveson.
  2. Yeah. You've also got to make that motorboat sound with your lips. That's why small planes have windshield wipers on the inside!
  3. Got a Section 4 boy looking pretty good too.
  4. On their admissions application there is a very narrow spot for the signature. Only wide enough for an "X". If that tells you anything about "Mizzou" academic standards...
  5. Where I'm from a "Mizzou" sheepskin and a dollar won't even get you a cup of coffee. Before anyone "axes", that would be not far from Ithaca, NY. I was going to say thanks for being a cop, but then I realized how tough it must be to teach high school math. God Bless.
  6. I have no clue what your point even was " flipping an entire industry upside down (radio)". I am not unaware of the technical progress of the last xx years. Some of it I'm even glad to say I had a part in. I don't want to go back to wearing fig leaves and riding donkeys, or even fuzzy analog TV. What I do have a problem with (as I stated before) is spending more time figuring out what subscriptions I (may) need than I spend watching. I was far from the only one complaining about how unclear this crap is. I quote from the BTN (or maybe BTN+ ???) site for coverage of the Big10 championships: "whip-around coverage", "#B1GQuadbox", (See attached BTN (or maybe BTN+ ???) image). I'm actually proud to say I don't know WTF all that crap means and could not figure out looking at the attached image. Anyway, You do you, write a blank check to ALL the subscription services, including Plus, Premium, Double Platinum, etc., cross your fingers and hope you can watch what you want. Again, the cat and I will fall asleep watching Andy Griffith reruns on free broadcast TV.
  7. This reminds me of the old "bait and switch" the car companies and dealers have been doing forever. You can't get cruise control except with the Premium Package, $3500 more. I don't have any TV or streaming services, but I wanted to watch the Big10 tournament. So, I got Big10+ stand alone (couldn't read/figure out that tv schedule either). Thought if I had the "+" I'd be set. No. I could watch the first round, but not semis or finals. Doesn't sound like "+" to me! (With a little ingenuity and a lot of chicanery, I did figure out a way to watch the semis and finals). Went to my son's house to watch the NCAAs on ESPN. Man, they did a great job, all matches, easy to figure out, jump around. I don't mind paying to get something I want to watch, but when I spend more time figuring out what subscriptions I need than I do watching, they can deal me out. Screw 'em, I'll just put the cat on my lap, grab a book, and read till I fall asleep. Just as an aside, I'm old enough to remember the beginnings of cable tv. The attraction, as opposed to broadcast tv, was supposed to be no commercials. Didn't need 'em, you were already paying to watch. Now, you need this, that, plus, etc, etc. No thanks.
  8. Yeah. Numerous times Desanto had the position to score, but Fix was strong enough to counter. Fix has "Steroid Boy" written all over him. Two year suspension minimum. I'm no PSU or RBY fan, but I'm rooting for him against Fix.
  9. I think Fix had a shot of "adrenaline" just before the match to get him through. Man, he was stalling. I had an old buddy who reffed many years in Northcentral PA. He'd have Fix DQ'd on stall calls in the first period.
  10. Whatever was wrong with him mentally, physically...Some of Doc Brands magic elixir cured it.
  11. Info when signing up for BTN+ was very misleading. Can't watch semis or finals live. You gotta be $hitting me. They wont get any more $s from me.
  12. So, I do not have BTN. I purchased one month BTN+ to watch the wrestling championships. Now, it seems I do not get to watch the semifinals live? And also don't get to watch finals live tomorrow? I paid $15 to watch the opening rounds only? Very confusing.
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